Improvement... on Events

Ok guys, hear me out on this one for all F2P & Spender Players.

Ok PvP Events:
During some pvp events there are rounds that are timed by Hours, usually by 5 - 6 Hours per Round. An there are Three Attack options First one is common Attack that cost 4 Energy(E), Second Attack is Called Super Attack cost 20 E, & the last one is called a Mega Attack that can be used only by a Mega Coin. The Mega Attacks gives you 30x’s the points if used. The problem here is at the last couple of minutes everyone(Spenders) usually Attack, so they give the other team no chance on coming back at the time window they got. That’s a problem, so spenders always win. I say they make mega attacks disable one hour Prior till the round ends, so the other team got a chance.

Building Event:
During building event, Pg should reduce the timer needed to lv up higher lv towers by 25% or what ever #% seems fit. During an only during the event, so players that lv up there towers out side of the event will spend more timers then if they wait until the building event arrived.

Xp gain problem:
Once players reach Lv 310+ it’s gets hard for the player to gain Xp on higher lv’s. So I ask if you can increase the Xp gain on higher lv towers or decrease the Xp needed to lv up once reaching lv 310+ .

Breeding Event:
Ok this will benefit both F2P and Spenders players, we all know once you hit higher lv tiers the egg tokens cost for legendary & Mythic dragon are high in the 125k for legendary an Mythic usually cost about 220-230k of tokens each dragon. So during Breeding event, Pg should increase the drop rate on egg fragments by I say about 5% or 10% nothing to crazy. So the players that saved there egg tokens for the event get rewarded, An if players breed outside the event will have to pay full price on dragons. This will make a big difference on getting at least one dragon during each breeding event. Who we kidding the more Pg release new tier the expensive it is to get a dragon, An I believe this will help out all players alike to small to high Lv players.

An Pg May call this a “Suggestion” but I call this “Improvement” in the right direction for the future of WD.


Editing is needed :sweat_smile:sorry for those I make upset about my grammar.

They do this for 15 minutes prior to the end of the round currently. What makes you want to extend this to 1 hour? Curious on your sense of balancing here and reasoning why.

Why would we want to promote even more building during events and less outside? I think that discounts should be given for building OUTSIDE of events to keep the wood economy more in demand and people can have a break if they want to level faster. Have a decision to go either event points or levels faster.

This is already covered many times in dozens of threads, let’s not cover it again.

Again, this is backwards IMO. PG should be promoting progression activities OUTSIDE of event instead of hoard and spend. Give a token discount for anything bred OUTSIDE of event and make them choose like in Fort proposal above.

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I like the positive solution-based approach.

My thoughts:

  1. MC is already disabled near the end od pvp rounds, I think it’s okay where it is (thought I still hate MC and feel it should be abolished)

  2. XP increase is needed, but PG is ignoring the issue

  3. Fort discount/Breed discount— good ideas, but PG will find a way to make you pay to use it, I promise

15 minuets is not enough time for F2P players to build up points. It’s not possible for a team to gain that much points in just small time frame. 1 Common Attack will get you around 100-120 points max( not including inner fires) , so let just say each Attack will last 3 minuets to complete one run, so you will only be able to do 5 runs with no defenders. So that’s around 500+ points. An each time someone uses a mega coin they get around 3k+ points( not including inner fires) so you see what I’m saying, it’s not possible to catch up. Specially if there’s more then one person using a mega coin attack.

Fair enough, but i also don’t think that one single person should be able to tip the scales by themselves in an event scenario.

My initial figure in my head for disabling megacoins was 30 mins at the end of each round and PG then put out the 15 mins. 1 hour just seems like far too long a time to expect teams to grind back points, but it would extend the critical playtime in the round to 17% of the round vs the current 4% lol.

I am still under the impression that 1 hour is too long but also i believe that 15 mins is too short. Somewhere in the middle would be more ideal but i haven’t done scenario’s to further my thought.

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Ok let’s meet in the middle An say 30 minuets. I believe that is fair enough.


It is better than 15 minutes that’s for sure.

If anyone else wants to chime in with what they think the disable time should be and reasons why that would be superb as well :slight_smile:


I agree bro.

Thirty minutes sounds like a fair disable time to me. Not too long, not too short. :t_rex:


I think so to. :innocent::ok_hand:

I don’t have a problem with 30 mins :+1::ok_hand:


Now we’re talking​:joy::ok_hand:

Yep 30 would be nice. 15 mins is also for the start I believe so you can still lose a lot of points 10 mins to the end. A 30 minute window would be enough to claw back a reasonable gap after the mega spray ends.


Yep, I 100% Agree with you.

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