Improvement to event end system mail readability

Several of my teammates were commenting that they must have misread the message after the team gauntlet event. In the past I would glance at the message and then delete it, I had already figured out my team had done badly and didn’t really care. Perhaps they were, like I was, interested enough to read the message this time because most of us formed a new team just before Summerkai started and we are working the way back up. In any case we all seemed to stumble over the same thing, a lot of information squished in to those two sentences. In carefully rereading the message I decided that just adding two words could increase readability.

(team name) was rank (team event rank) in their league with a score of (team score) in the (event name) event. (team name) (gained/lost) (team rating points) Team Rating points.

Or even make it in (league name)

Когда будут нормальные русские оповещения и классы драконов на русском?

Isn’t “in their league” implied because that is who you were competing against in the event?

:roll_eyes: Do we need to read the mail?
Thought I just go to event page, and check the team rank :joy:

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