Improvements needed. Speedups/ level Requirements

Well as we can all tell. The speedup rewards in the event prizes have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY… This needs to be looked at. The speedups have slowly dropped in number as time has passed. It was not a big deal for most because they were never going to have Max bases anyways.

With the new level requirements for even breeding the next tier of dragons (harbringer). This needs to be taken into account. It costs 400k xp per lvl after 300, while PG has dropped the level requirements significantly from the original release. 333 and 357 are still WAY too high. I always buy the mystic hunter… I’m a hunter user, this time around neptuse doesn’t make sense to spending on. I will (as well as other) will never be able to I use it to its full extent. By the time we get to 333, 2-3 more dragons will alrdy have been released. Less money for pg. If the dragon is 400-700 on then last week most people would buy it. The pattern I am noticing is that getting from 305ish (most of diamond league) to 333 is 4,000-5,000 dollars EASILY over 4 fort events.

Something needs to change, either lower the lvl of dens even more. Increase the xp payout from lvling towers. Or add more speedups into the weekly events. These level requirements are not reasonable as they currently stand. Most players are moderate spenders. Not max everything on then first day type.



So let’s look a at this from the perspective of someone who’s above the den cap for the new dragons …everyone is complaining about den caps they have always been in the game and should be. Otherwise you all stay lower level 300 get every dragon available at top power still have the ability to hunt for great rss because you’re payout is way higher than mine you get all the benefits without putting in the time and money I have to get to a high level. Don’t even get me started on the fact that these great level 60 towers don’t do the damage they are supposed to either. Den caps should stay right where they are or the higher level base players should get the sameness payouts in rss and chest drops as all of you at low 300. This game actually penalizes high level bases and that isn’t right. If you spent what I have and believe me there are way bigger bases that have spent way more than me you would feel the same.

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I agree with both of you to some extent. The den level is fine where it’s at, the new tier is intended for the biggest bases and well i’m sorry but a level 250 shouldn’t be able to even consider a 450 base.
Timers: I do think the 12 hour timer is way too small and new content (timers) needs to be added to the game. I like the idea of the instant timer as any level of player would use it. Would the 400+ players benefit the most, yes as they should. also 24 hour timers are needed.
Sending resources: why is it capped at 229k??? It should be a percentage of your storage capacity!


Ofcourse the max bases should have an advantage. The mega spenders should always have and advantage hands down. They are paying more so they should get more without a doubt. The issue isn’t that the capps are high.

The issue is the caps are higher and the previous “normal” payout is lowered. A moderate slender should be able to get “somewhere” with the few hundred they spend a season. In the current system if you spend 200 a month or 700-800 a season. You won’t even dent the requirements, that is a deterence to spending for the general population.

The point is PG needs to make money in order for this game to keep running. That’s a reality this isn’t a charity, no one is asking it to be. I’m suggesting that the moderate spenders (which are majority of them even in D1) have a fun gaming experience. If the cost of even “using” a top tier dragon is FAR above the cost of getting it. They won’t bother.

It is the reduction that is the problem. Timers for maxing the current event are 3 12hr speedups. Previously they ranged from 10-20 12 speeds depending on the event. My proposition is that something needs to change so it improves the overall gaming experience for the entire player base. The “hardcore” players that don’t spend but do great in events etc, should have a chance to be able to play the game effectively. With the rewards they receive. Not to the level of mega spenders ofcourse but to a reasonable level. If you defend a “450” base you can easily beat even 5 dragons that attack it. A 330 base won’t beat 3. The 330 is also a slender, if his /her spending is not showing him / her progress it’ll stop. Less money for PG less player base less traction/ activity. That will be bad for all of us that enjoy this game, the mega spenders the moderate spenders and the none spenders.


A lot of those so called spenders where hackers and has caused people to spend more than they actually would have to in the first place :woman_shrugging:t4: There should also be way more rubies and other stuff in packs even 35,000 is crap if you ask me. Also the little gifts the team gets when players buy packs should have more then 3 or 6 rubies too ijs :woman_shrugging:t4:


Atlas also needs better prizes.

Atlas can have better prizes when more players can have Atlas.

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Everything has dropped drastically. Minus their revenue.

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The revenue will drop a lot if they don’t change something there are talks that they will increase the xp payout from lvling towers. Let’s see if it bridges the gap.

@Master1991 there’s ALWAYS talk of “fixes”

Tower caps still haven’t been “fixed” supposedly (I’m told)

IMO - their revenue shoulda stopped a LONG time ago :woman_shrugging:t2: People bellyache but keep spending

Well when the 400 base level issue came up. D1 went into frenzy and as a result they changed the level caps. PG tries to listen… they just need more “players” to test out hair products.

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