Improving Atlas Packs

We’ve heard the feedback around the new Atlas Packs that came along with the introduction of Diamonds, and will be improving the amount of Bullhorns that are included within them shortly. Please note that it will require a game restart to see the new pack contents.

For players who purchased the old packs since their introduction yesterday, we’ll be crediting the difference between the old and the new, so you won’t be missing out.

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Thank you for the response. I see you have added 10 additional bullhorns to packs.
It’s a step in the right direction but considering many ppl used rubies, not instead of bullhorns, but instead of gold, i don’t see how this is much of an improvement.

Why not just keep bullhorn and diamond packs separate??

As far as the compensation for ppl who have purchased the packs with 20 bullhorns yesterday, no one I know has received compensation yet.

Most of my rubies go into gold chests, super sigil chests or token missions. But there are some occasions where I’m tempted to use a few rubies elsewhere, be it speeding up or removing craft gear or balancing out gold shortage when training troops with bullhorns or a few other places in Atlas where rubies help.

The RoI of Atlas value packs already seems so much worse compared to the core game value packs and with the introduction of diamonds I lost the possibility to invest any rubies in your highly hailed add on.

Truth is, the more you moved from the World Map Beta to the Atlas of today, the less rubies I spend there. You managed to create an add on with so much player feedback and tried to connect it with the core game but you really turn it into your next big aggressive monetization sheme that is now more cut off from the core game than before.

Why do Diamonds not follow the same logic as rubies which you can earn through event prizes, drops or quests?
EDIT: Diamonds have been added to event prizes

Is it the unbelievable level of greed or simply the inability to keep your game and players somewhat save from hackers?


I’m on the same boat as MareZ.
Generally, I do not spend in Atlas, but there have been some occasions where I did.
For me, separating the 2 currencies has the effect that I’m forced to spend only in main game, so I will buy less packs in general. Admit, “real” and not such small spenders like me won’t be affected by this.

My only hope is that this will get rid of some cheating problems in Atlas. Even if we all know that his is only a temporary effect. PG will not be able to keep the hackers out off Atlas …

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I too agree that diamonds need to be able to be earned through event prizing. And if you do that please don’t nerf the other prizes. Throw the players a bone just once.

@PGEggToken @pgEcho @PGDave

Didn’t they say that diamonds were being implemented into event prizes in the near future?

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They did. Will be rolled out the next Atlas Event (Troop Building)

I don’t mind paying for Diamonds (which used to be free, in Atlas awards, which flipped the cards) – if said payment generates a sufficient value in the payoff. It would seem that $100 should buy at least 2-3X the amount of Diamonds as Rubies as we still need the same amount of Rubies per level of advancement in the core game. Diamonds are not going to get me Speeds, or Seasonal String Loot and Dragons. They are a purely additional expenditure for core game boosts/enhancements.

At the bare minimum, I’d think $100 would buy 50K Diamonds vs. 35K Rubies. But again I think 70K or more/$100 is much more inline with the Ruby values/$100.

Must have missed that. If so then good - and hopefully no nerf (extremely unlikely) of other prizes

Good points about the value, however Diamonds currently make Atlas a spenders paradise and F2P/E2P players have no chance to aquire Diamonds in any way.

If PG thinks this is the way to go and increasing churn of F2P/E2P-players has no influence on the longevity of the game, then so be it :man_shrugging:

EDIT: Diamonds have been added to event prizes

One step in the right direction, thanks for this :+1:

@pgEcho where did the rider shard packs go? Did you guys also make some adjustments to troop training cost?

Packs vary between events. You’ll likely see Shard packs for the next gear crafting event, since that’s when they’re most applicable. No changes have been made to Troop training costs to my knowledge. Are you referring the Bullhorn amounts as in the other thread?

It was a glitch. Before the pack changes all of the packs were always visible so does this mean you will be rotating them out as events change?

I don’t mind buying packs however there’s just not enough horns for me to purchase any of those :man_shrugging:t2: 90 horns with the amount of diamonds looks good to me after all that is just a add on to that game and is only good for XP

I mean that’s what a pack SHOULD look like…90 horns and 35k diamonds.
It’s only going to lead to ppl using troops more not less.
Atlas season gave enough reasons to use troops, packs should be improving, not getting worse or staying the same

What happened to the diamonds? I don’t see any packs in the store with :gem: :cry:

Edit: nvm… they are on a timer… :man_facepalming:

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