Improving Base Design (any ideas)

Hi, I am not sure which is the best base design for this game.
I saw a lot of different layouts, from low levels to high levels.

What do you think about this base design?

Version 1 ( with ice turret at the back)

Version 2 (with cannon instead of ice turret, helps to break down shields)

Ice flak better than ice turret?
Storm better then ice turret?

Are you suggesting that all your towers are similar levels?

no, thats just an example. I wanna know which base design is the best, so that I can work on it.

Hard to give advice without knowing tower levels. But in any case you’re concerned re placement of towers right at the back of your base. Those towers are irrelevant if you have been making sure your kill isle towers are maximum for your level. Reason being that any towers other than your top 5 will be pretty low level.

So, tbh, doesn’t matter what you do back there. If the attacker is through your kill isle, your base is dead.

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Necryx will easily kill that base.
First-you need a rage Drain
Second-It’s too long for lvl 100-250
Third-where u getting that many elemental embers?
Fourth-Darin flak should always be in the front not in the middle.

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can you give me an example for an anti necryx base design :slight_smile:

Design is not that bad, instead of your first short island make a rage drain island there. As far as having dark flak in the middle that is viable. Change your second Dark flak on the middle island with the Ice flak.

Focus on leveling the front part of you middle island and only level those towers, do not try to bring all your towers to a similar level.

Also swap your Cannon with Blue mage tower.


If you add a rage Drain, necryx will have no rage. Look at @coach base for reference. My base has a rage Drain and has the same concept of coach’s base but right now it’s in the wrong position because my farms are worth less than 30% of my base

The base you have shown is a deadly base for end game players. It has a few flaws for end game players but I don’t think you are end game :rofl:.

The current base design that you have may cause necryx problems if the Ice Flak supershot is charged.

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OK this would kill every dragon? :smiley:

Edit: changed cannon and mage position

Ice Flak serves the same purpose of a cannon. You only need one or the other.
Again, I prefer Dark Flak in the front. Yes it’s still viable but not as effective.


No base can kill every dragon

Layout of the base is 10% of the base, other 90% is the actual levels of your towers. Swap your cannon/archer with blue mage tower in the back of the middle long island.

I never thought this way.
I was thinking cannon can be used to break shields, and ice flak is used for disable spells. Of course it need supershot.

Flak should be in front and you need more projectile towers
Still too easy for Necryx

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Dont build your base to counter 1 dragon mate. Youre design is decent, just focus on building up 5 towers rather then all to the same level.

Hence why it doesn’t matter if you have more projectile towers because you won’t be leveling them as you will be focusing on 5 prime towers. Low level projectile towers won’t do anything to any dragon.

I love seeing Necryx in my base and I do not have any high level projectiles.

Ice flake is better than fire flake ?

Depends on the situation, but the ice flak has higher DPS I think. IMO the ice flak supershot is more useful to break Elemental Barrier and Mystic Winds. The fire flak supershot just decreases basic attack damage by 50% for 2.5s

Ice flak has a higher attack rate, but less damage than ff, so it depends on how long you’re measuring the damage.

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Lvl 1 Ice Flak SS damage: 1500
Lvl 1 Fire Flak SS damage: 2000

1500* 1=1500
(1 Attack per second)
2000* 0.65=1300
(0.65 attacks per second)

So IF has better dps at lvl 1

In order to make an informed decision, you need to know the normal damage of each tower bc in my experience, you can only load a supershot every other attack.
Secondly, IF supershot range is much shorter than its normal damage range, so unless it’s right infront, it’s only going to be dealing normal damage until it’s in range, meanwhile FF is dealing supers and normals.
Thirdly, dps is Damage per second which is damage over time. So yes, at some point, the IF will out damage Ff, but for practical reason, there are only going to be 2-3 shots fired. Bc at that point, either the dragon is dead or the tower is.