Improving cheater detection

@pgCampusLifer it came to my attention that there are some individuals who use Spanish hacker websites where they buy 5.5 mil rubies and other stuff for $1000 bucks.

Pm me then I’ll share more details bc I don’t want others to jump on the train and use this site.

I always wondered where all those NOBODIES with (nearly) maxed bases and max dragons came from now I think I know the answer.

Maybe you can use this information in some way to improve the cheat detector to ban lot other foul apples who weren’t found yet.


I feel like this might be the cousin to the Arabic speaking one :joy::joy::joy:

Or I need to learn to speak spanish…

And I doubt they will do anything about it

It can’t be too hard to implement some if formula like

If(5.x mil rubies are credited to an account within a second; then autoban the account)

I mean that’s 200 big packs that would take 30 mins or so

Maybe theyre smart enough to add it slowly?

They are hackers and want to make fast profit. I don’t think they’ll bother to waste an hour per account. Not sure how they work but I can imagine it’s something like a transfer table where you have the fixed amounts (hence they provide fixed packs) and just hit the transfer button.

Also I’d find it very suspicious if someone would have 5 mil rubies sitting. No idea how the super whales do it but I buy Max 5-10 packs per event when I feel like I need new content.

there should be a security warning that automatically send a message to the security team if a player has received 1m ruby outside in-app purchases.

It’s quite hard to get 1m ruby without using them in the game or even spending that much to get 1m ruby.

super whales or whales in general would most likely buy 1-2 packs and then spend them before spending another for 1-2 packs since they need to check if the item they get are enough to stop the spending or not.

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I wouldn’t mind having 5 million rubies right now :grin:

That makes two of us however I wouldn’t jeopardize my account

Very good suggestion with the 1m threshold @Kenshiki.

However it would be helpful to understand if that system wouldn’t harm the super whales. Imagine when new tower levels come out I could imagine that they buy 50-80 packs I could be wrong. @Panda can you help here?

Maybe someone can tag an active forum officer of NMO and Japaneeze too.

I also reported long time ago about few hackers like this
Unfortunately,it’s very difficult to get rid of them,because,even if you’ll ban their accounts in game,they will create new next day (((
Also some of them using Line for their shady deals
We banning them from all WD Line rooms…hopefully,it will help a little…

@pgCampusLifer @PGJared @pgCampusLifer

Can we please try to find a solution in form of improved cheater detection here? More and more use this crap and lots used it.

It’s time for actions. They will dilute statistics again when the new tier comes out and will give you guys the impression that new dragons were to cheap and to easy to get.

On that note… new tier? I’ve been sitting on these tokens for far too long. My dragons need romance and to make babies it’s affecting their flying skill. Imagine being pent up for that long.

As for the cheating yes I’m over it. First it was discount packs and bought accounts. Exploit glitches and god more. This is becoming ridiculous and needs to stop. The amount of 400s in this game I’ve never heard of is stupid. When I hit 300 it was rare. Not the rarest thing ever but not normal, I’m now a 350 and it’s like I’m just another 200 in the game… I’ve played for 2 years plus. I play every day for endless hours. I shouldn’t see people that started 2 months ago being 100 levels above me. Well at least not at the norm… Either that or I need to rethink my life choices as people find much larger amounts of dragon money in their couch cusions. One or two i get that. 10 is alright, 100s of accounts seem fishy.


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