Improving Kingdom Wars

I know how much KW is disliked because it is all about partnerships and relationships between teams. Sometimes teams have more friends and are able to decimate the competition. Below is an idea I have had that might make this event more enjoyable from the top tiers to the bottom.

First change the map layout from a giant map to 5 smaller maps. Each smaller map will have 5 teams on it.
Teams will be randomly assigned to a map on Day 1 of the event. These 5 teams will battle out for ranking on their island. At a designated time, similar to fight pits. The round will end and teams will be rewarded Bonus Team VP based on their ranking on the island.
Then teams will be reshuffled based on those same rankings. So round 2 will be all the number 1 ranked teams on an island, all the number 2 ranked teams on an island, and so on.
This continues in the same pattern until the end of event.

The positives I see are:

  • the ability to have huge groups of teams joining up will be hard as the islands are changing daily.

  • The strong active teams will have more fun battling each other without having to be stuck in a bad area on the map

  • Because the opponents shift each day it will be more engaging because players are not stuck hitting the same bases for 5 days.

Again this is just an idea, please discuss and weigh in on it in a constructive manner. We all know PvP’s are not the best of times and could use a little love.


Best way to improve it is get rid of it


:joy: :rofl:

I must be weird cause I enjoy the idea of Kingdom Wars, just feel it gets sluggish when you are stuck in the same spot for 5 days hitting the same teams.

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Yes I have seen that.
It seems that is a different concept for a new event.
I am looking to keep KW and improve the event slightly.

It is a concept for a new event but it is also basically what you said. In the “Coliseum” there are only 5 teams who are picked based on rankings. It is literally how the teams are picked to go into the “coliseum.”

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The amount of work needed to improve this garbage event does not justify keeping it. It just needs to be replaced with another event.


Wanna see my solution :slightly_smiling_face:



Daily land resets make timezone disadvantages worse. If you’re not around at reset you lose a chance to take a lot of easy ground. If you’re fighting near the end of the day your efforts have diminishing returns. Perhaps this would be improved if land gave value when taken instead of over time for being held.


I actually like that idea a lot. Each tile has a value that is given once tile is conquered.

only drawback to that is sometimes teams will sit on same tiles and never lose them.
Maybe having the value for holding tiles over time be less, and the bigger value come from conquering new tiles.

kw sucks with a capital SUCKS like people got rid of feeding get rid of kw=crappy wars

If you earn Vp per hour it would help. Controlling a lot of your island for hours while online may have you finish #1 even if you’re asleep and lose ground at the round end.

For as long as I’ve been playing, people have complained about KW, way more than feeding. But PG in their infinite wisdom, got rid of Feeding. Why? It simple there was little to no money in feeding! The rubes are more than willing to drop cash on megas for any and all PvP events. So when the big guys complained PG was more than happy to oblige.

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Like a bad habit drop KW it sucks I hate it and others would agree

With KW, weren’t their rounds in KotH before? Could reset every 12 hours or every 24hrs. With a random rotation of teams.

Another idea would be if it’s possible to create entry points wherever on the map (on the coast of the map) that officers assign and Players attack those entry points. Officers can only select a designated number of entry points (say 2 or 3 at a time) and you battle your way to monuments…you could keep monuments where they are normally placed or you could place the higher point monuments toward the center (perhaps this could be two phases, first phase of the event is the former and the second phase is the latter) However your entry point would be your base and you would need to still maintain that path (or something to that effect) entry points can be taken over (but not directly, you would need to create your own entry point next door first)


Turn the map into a globe :see_no_evil:

Please excuse this long, wordy post but I think I have a plan that may work…

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