Improving my Base design

I have designed and started to build a long term base but want any advice or reasons why it’s not good.
My goal base was from first attacked,
5 lvl 1 mage,
dark flack, cannon, red mage, blue mage storm,
fire turret, blue mage, red mage, storm, ice turret
Cannon, 4 farms

I have currently got 2 cannons, 2 storms, 2 blue, 2 red and am lvl 38

Now that I have seen the bases on base design here, thought mabe i was best with a hybrid

Ok I’m reading your towers in a Z-shaped order for each group of 5. This means your base looks like this:

If this is wrong, go to and make your own layout and post it here.

I can make the base but it will not display in here, only put a URL

You need to screenshot it or just a screen grabber if on PC (e.g. window’s snipping tool)

I did screenshot and when I tried to copy into here it spat out a URL sort of thing not a picture, not shure what I did wrong

Save the base then post the link here - I’ll screenshot it for you

Got fire turret and dark flack round the wrong way when I was saying it, this is the model

Ok here it is.

Alright - here are my thoughts - others will chime in too I’m sure:

  1. Rage drain other than on a small isle is pretty much useless - where it is now, an attacker can kill all of them before they even fire off. You’re better off moving your entire base forward like the design I put up earlier.
  2. Flak is your killer - it should be one of the first towers the attacker faces. Putting it on the front of home isle isn’t as effective as putting it on the lighthouse small isle if you want to keep this layout
  3. Your flak should always be protected by your storm - so I’d swap storm and ice immediately whether you move your base forward or not

Based on the towers you described, this is my recommended setup.

  1. Protect your flak with the storm.
  2. Fire and cannon behind to inflict damage while the attacker is dealing with your front 5 towers
  3. If you can get rid of your cannon with the farms, I’d put a red mage there instead.

Just a tip…stop building the ballista…like au revior ballista…bye bye never see you again

Even though it’s a ballista icon… I believe it’s actually representing a Dark Flak for this illustrated purpose.


Oh ok phew I got confused my bad

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My first thought too I was like what is this Grumpy idiot talking about lol

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Blame Amoeba for not updating his site… :wink:

Besides, since no one in his right mind would build a ballista, what better icon to use for flaks? :wink:


Iv had quite a few times when if Dark’s are the first real lvl towers you hit that some lineage drag/ weaker first attacker in war will be sent just to kill the dark so the big won’t be 2 shotted by it, that’s why I thought dark not at the front

If it’s protected by a storm and a red mage no weak dragon can kill it fast enough.

Alternatively you can use Option B in @mechengg’s base building guide where the flak is protected by both storm and ice.

Can kill it easier in the back and with way less of a chance for it to fire. In some cases, if your flak gets off even just 1 shot rather than 0 that’s the difference right there. In back, attackers knowing to take it out won’t get hit since the flak has too short a range.

Why have you got a red tower off to 1 side? It leaves 1 tower exposed

It also covers 3 towers and deters folks from wasting rage on a single tower :wink: