Improving Warriors

The nerf to Nockmar and the damage from the new Oculus tower have again raised the question of how to keep warriors viable. I posted some ideas about adding effects to warrior’s breath attack (see: Make Warrior Great Again).

Here, I suggest several categories of spells that would that would mitigate some of the key weaknesses of warriors and thereby increase their power and balance them better with hunters.

1. Additional breath boosts. Warriors now routinely need a spell that boost their breath damage. So regardless of whether this breath boost spell is active or passive, it would have a second ability: “any tower that takes breath damage cannot heal or gain HP for the rest of the battle.”

This additional ability would effectively invalidate hammers and give warriors with lower peak damage output a fighting chance to cut through multiple defenders.

Here is an even more powerful version:

• Breath of Decay active, white, 1 rage
– boosts breath damage by +200%; duration 2 sec; no cooldown
– any tower that takes breath damage cannot heal or gain HP for the rest of the battle
– effected towers lose 2% mod HP damage per second for the rest of the battle

2. Protective talismans. This spell would be related to Haku’s spell of the same name. But it would have an additional power. This would give the warrior major protection with well-timed spell casts. Also, a relatively long cooldown would add strategy to the use of the spell. Examples:

• Talisman of Reflection active, white, 0 rage
– dragon gains invulnerability and protection from rage drain for 2 sec duration; 6 sec cooldown
– dragon reflects all projectiles back onto their source

• Talisman of Transformation active, white, 0 rage
– dragon gains invulnerability and protection from rage drain for 2 sec duration; 6 sec cooldown
– dragon absorbs all beam attacks and gains an equal amount of HP

• Talisman of the Mage active, white, 0 rage
– dragon gains invulnerability for 2 sec duration; 5 sec cooldown
– dragon absorbs all mage tower supershots to gain +2 rage

3. Passive protections. These spells would passively protect against some of the most nasty new tower attacks, restoring some of the tankiness that warrior used to have with their passive resists. Examples:

• Supershot Bane passive
– dragon is immune to all tower supershots; dragon cannot have its speed effects by towers

• Ember Bane passive
– dragon gains 70% resist versus all flak attacks and is immune to all flak supershots

• Electrum Bane passive, toggle
– toggles between Crystal Howitzer, Cosmic Orrery, and Drakul Pylon
– reflects all shots and supershots from the chosen tower to target another random tower
* when toggled random tower is selected: choice remains until tower is destroyed or another toggle
– each toggle restores +0.25 rage; 1 sec cooldown
*** visual effect: when a shot is reflected, a pulse of purple light travels from dragon to tower

What about defending against these mighty warriors?


Dragon class viability is in equilibrium with the design of our layouts
Warrior design doesn’t suck our antiquated layouts will not allow for a decent design to be produced…… :man_shrugging:

Spell kits are in equilibrium with tower effect……

Dragon tier is in equilibrium with tower level……

You won’t produce a viable warrior by tweaking its spell kit you will produce a op warrior or sorcerer like gig or surt!
Yes because the problem is not the dragons the actual problem is our layouts :+1:
Improve layout and you will suddenly be able to design balanced warriors and sorcerers again!


Most of these spells have no rage …… but there has got to either be a passive spells to block out these Oculus towers sooner or later if they don’t get nerfed.

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100% heck NO I’ll quit the frickin game

:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::expressionless::flushed::flushed::flushed: speechless for how dumb this idea is

Can hunters also have this ?

Instead of complaining about warrior why don’t u teach urself how to fly them. I see incredible things done with warriors and after the debuff of Noc everyone is complaining but the debuff of Noc was actually very fair as he could take 0 damage on players like Force / xxxJLxxx triple defended not even maxed what is super unfair.
Honestly I feel the warrior flyers in this game are Karen’s as they are always draining people with there dumb excuses. If the good flyers that fly hunters started flying warriors u will start complaining that warriors are OP it’s just because there are some sucky flyers in the game. If hunters are that OP as u all say they are why don’t u become a hunter flyer ? I don’t understand
The warrior flyers that complain are always crazy…
Also I am a hunter flyer and no hunter is OP it is all to do with the flyer I have mastered Xul but hate Aerow and wish I got reyeze ( my first mythic warrior )
Can u stop complaining about warriors and start teaching urself how to fly.


I have a 104B base and Nockmarr is still Op against it .


Funny how all the spells cost 0 rage but they all give 2 rage LOL

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Could we put this on all types or just warriors?
If anything we should be putting it on invoker we all clearly know invoker are the slowest and worst dragons for the current game atm

I also feel people don’t understand the game.

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Just to clarify that Noc with debuff is still op…
I am in D1 and see team mates ( hunter flyers ) destroyer max triple defended bases.
I also see while defending people destroy bases that some hunters such as Jaal and quill can’t take but Noc takes it down like it was only half the DP.

Nockmar was tweaked to a useable level with this most recent change.

Yes he was made actually viable for end game bases but he also preformed to well with 6 seconds at near end game and mid game so the buff was needed and yes I have nock as my only viable dragon!

And the initial nerf was to extreme and he has been brought closer to balance by returning to a 5 sec cooldown.
He was op previously but truly he was nerfed because our crappy layout can’t stop a real warrior or sorcerer design!

And if a hunter can’t easily clear a base that a warrior can that is because the base is designed to stop hunters not decent warriors!
I’ll have to say learn to defend a warrior and stop him and if your base is failing to do so you might look at your antiquated layout designed to stop weak constitution hunters :man_shrugging:

Adjust your layout and stop him and if you can’t well seems your tower composition is to specialized :+1:



Any videos of a zero damage run there lad? Any real base on tier would do even

Don’t need to prove…blah…blah

Yeah ok

Best place for trolls is under a bridge…

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Tbh I didn’t see the word Karen until I reviewed that post now I wish I didn’t like it, disgusting words.

There is a whole topic for videos. Pretty much the only three defender and most two defender videos I’ve seen the shield tower has not popped so gotta wonder why. Also with three hammers my nock doesn’t burn through as quick…

Almost all my runs the shield tower mostly hits.

For the last two days I am stuck 90% of the time on the middle long now as well

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Can you please provide some videos to support this claim

Layouts will not change warriors with garbage spell kits and long cooldowns. It comes down to both the dragons and the towers. Current warriors are not actually designed to hit at tier which we can see by how weak their unboosted breath is. Because they keep releasing towers like the ice flak, like the orrery and like the new Oculus which hit warriors and sorcerers the hardest because of their low damage output, spell kit flexibility is very very small. Both sorcerers and warriors need to have multiple answers to be viable, if they don’t then they’ll be useless but if they do then it’s incredibly hard to not shift them over into the OP territory.

It also does not help that we have very vocal influential individuals who make false claims of any decent warrior being OP and needing to be nerfed so PG will usually side with underpowering them. They started giving warriors a bit more flexibility with dodges but some people cried so now we’re back to just having freezes and explosive shields that don’t actually block any of the big problems for them.

In contrast, hunters have more flexibility with their kits because a cloak or a dodge with a short cd are pretty much answers for nearly the entire meta
Both warriors and sorcerers need core changes being made but even that probably wont do much when most new towers are being designed to hit them the hardest and can easily be avoided by cloaks and dodges.

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I agree the meta is burying classes and making good dragons requires flexibility and the layout remaining stagnant while literally everything else evolved is what’s created this lack of flexibility and allowed this single class meta to produce one viable dragon class!

So yes they literally can’t design warriors or sorcerers worth a crap now! :man_facepalming:

No it won’t change garbage spell sets a improved layout will allow warriors to not rely entirely on spell kits because that’s what a sorcerer is supposed to rely on! LmAo
It will allow more basic design flexibility within spell kits and within the basic stats and breath attacks that pg refuses and is unable to improve!

The problem with design will be solved and you can design viable sorcerers and warriors again and the hunters won’t be able to solo they will be fast strike hunters that eliminate kill islands so teamwork can clean runs with actual tactical play!
Or we can keep pretending this meta is viable :man_shrugging:

I don’t even know why it’s like talking to toddlers in here and the toddlers are the adults most the time who don’t know what their saying… the only way to improve all classes that aren’t hunters or Invokers (discounting them because they are normally like hunters plus sorcerers) but the spell set needs to be change like remember Nockmar? His shield doesn’t absorb mage SS so maybe they need to be able to absorb mage SS first. Plus instead of not adding cloaks to warriors add some cloaks with added effects they already did this with corallae why stop now? Here’s another idea imagine warriors with sand abilities. . . If people want something like this that is hunter like then by golly should we show them what warriors can do when you have the capability of a hunter in a warrior or sorcerer as well. Seems a bit overpowered but when people talk smack it’s like watching kids fight over a toy it’s like saying “there can only be one…”

One word at least I thought of some good add on’s to warriors and sorcerers. Sorcerer definitely need cloaks and dodge spells to be good but I’m afraid there is no way to make them like hunters simply because you swipe or turn on auto with them and it instantly makes them better to use. Unless you literally do the same bland thing with them as of warriors.

Sanding abilities would definitely make warriors more interesting for tanks avoid damage and shield / cloak and then you can tank a little more damage but if they had a one shot pretty sure that would be way to OP.

The irony of this statement… :grimacing:

I’d like to start seeing some utility for punishing poor defenders. Like Cavaleris’ arcane agis shield. On it’s own it’s just an invincibility shield but if defenders are dumb and mindelessly drop their ss then they’re going benefit him with rage. Maybe something like:

What Doesn’t Kill Me… (Passive, Yellow)

  • Each time a Defense Hammer, Defense Gunpowder or Defense Armor is used by a defender, this dragon gains +10% to its modified attack and gains .33 rage. Restore 5% max HP for each tower that is healed. This damage boost is passed onto all dragons that follow.

Or maybe something like

Insert Spell Name:

  • Some kind of primary effect like a shield or something
  • Secondary effect: If this spell is canceled by a tower effect this dragon gains +3 rage and 30% modified HP

Spells that on their own may not be all that strong but get stronger thanks to defenders making poor choices


Too general of a statement man means nothing

What does to op against my base mean?

Clears it undefended?

Clears it triple defended before I can counter even krellos struggles to be quicker

Struth mate nock hit run was double defended and he was still quicker than both our counters with xul and quill.

Maybe a wee bit of detail…… or just more same old same old

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I don’t normally like how Quilleth looked when I defended against him seemed Op to me vs if 2 or 3 showed up probably still kill everything and struggle just a tiny bit but it’s still a pretty mindless dragon besides ammo.

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