In-app purchases not received

@PGJared I’ve bought 4 conqueror’s packs yesterday but I didn’t receive them. I thought I wasn’t going to be charged but I got the invoices from Apple last night. I sent them to Ferdinand on the Zendesk and I haven’t heard from him since. I and my team could be doing better in the event if this has been resolved quickly. Could you please help? Request#1455173)


Well you would have not had this issue if u had not been buying packs during the strike lol…


@DragonPunch @Arelyna

glad thats your issue i just got charged and i havent bought anything in almost 2 weeks n just got a text notice about a charge

On your receipt from Apple go to the bottom and use the request refund feature.

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I did not receive the team rewards after this event, and did not receive the 400 rubies after survey. Submitted a ticket but was told “you have received them”. Obviously there are issues with the rewards and purchasing. My ticket is #1456168.

DragonPunch and Arelyna are both off enjoying a holiday vacation. Please don’t @ them for a couple of days. That said, it looks like an agent responded today at noon. I’m asking them to double-check a few things based on what they said.

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