In atlas but guess what happened

Ok…I would normally post in atlas, but it says i would be able to post in atlas section.

Well that is not the case. I can’t post in Atlas section.

I am using samsung s7, and game continuously crashes. At first I thought it was only atlas, but it was prevalent throughout game, but mostly centered in atlas.

Move a primark-crash

Defend a teammate-crash

Attack - Crash

Press a button anywhere and each time within 5 min the entire game would crash.

In the meantime, sapphire is getting crushed. This is silly.

When trying to build in event-crash

redeem tokens- crash

So I reinstalled game. no luck.
I tried airplane 15 min trick. no luck

There are no apps eating up extra RAM

I get black screens , swirling circles waiting for information from servers, game stopping so ‘servers can sync’, and just too many problems

Help please

Same here. Are you android? Happens on all my android devices (3 different types), on various networks and wifi (including a device that only has WD installed, and on network with 100/20 down/up). Put in a ticket, their response? Nope, it’s my fault. Either bad network, incorrect graphocs settings, no memory on device, etc. They stand by it not being their fault after numerous tickets.

Oh, yup. S7. Just saw. S7 edge is my main device(or was before it got way too buggy), and I crash probably 10 times an hour. Sometimes down to 4 times, sometimes up to 15 on that. Onto Samsung Tab 3, WAY better performance overall, but still, like 3 crashes an hour up to 10.

Samsung S7 is what I use. this game is the only game on device.

This was reported in the Atlas section:

I know your pain. I play on android, and my game is constantly crashing, having sync errors, or just erasing whole hours of gameplay when I exit the game normally. My team isn’t even in atlas yet, and this has been going on for almost a year now. I’ve sent in dozens of tickets, and always get the lame excuse “it’s being looked at, have patience” or they say the problem is my fault. I play one account on one device, war dragons is the only app on it and the only app ever running, it’s got over 4 gigs unused memory, and I have a wifi booster in my house. The problem is not of my freaking end, PG.

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