In desperate need of Egg Tokens?!

I have a cure and even tho it is not the best cure this is simply a small solution for those of you interested in maxing out to your complete potential during this breeding event. Unfortunately this is not a simple fix for those that have no dragons ready to breed so for that I am sorry. This is for those looking to get the most egg tokens they possibly can. This method does require some rubies but with that being said in one hour I managed to claim over 5k in ET. The method is simple and is as follows. First off do not spend 50 rubies on 25 ET… this is a ridiculous ploy that gets many starting out. Instead spend 30 and only 30 rubies on ET quests. Farm the very first quest over and over for 30 rubies a piece and once you see your second and third fall to the same cost buy those as well. The constant runs for ET will drop many chests in the meantime allowing you to rack up more 300 ET drops as well. Took me one hour starting with 500 rubies and I have managed to secure 5k and 27 chests without breaking a sweat. FYI I still have 120 rubies left. Also while doing this be sure to drop your less used dragons and take your common destroyers thus giving you a small head start seeing you won’t get many off the wall quests such as 12.2M damage with ember… FYI this is not my own personal method that I came up with this has been widely used throughout the WD community this is simply for those in desperate need of ET and I take no credit for this method

Scroll down to @mechengg post on this thread.

I don’t completely agree with this thread. I do agree that for higher levels and points in events wise this could be obsolete but my main focus is going out to those of lower levels. Remember J we can all be your level :joy:

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I was focusing on @mechengg post in that thread hence why I tagged him. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll edit my initial reply.

Your numbers seem off to me. Its a good strat, but I dont see how you manage 5k an hour for 380 rubies…

It’s 30/60/120, because you want to account for the second and third missions giving 2x and then 4x as much as the first mission, which is your “base rate”.

The math doesn’t work:
380/30=12 (floored)
5000-960=4040 mystery tokens (or another 1515+ rubies)

The 4040 extra tokens would’ve come from event rewards or chest opens, as well as extra rubies from event rewards.

Yes, speeding up token missions with rubies is good, but it is still a grind.

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Besides what they said, personally I never spend 30 rubies. If you wait 15-20 second between each run, the cost will drop to 29 rubies. If you’re truly grinding runs, as @mechengg does, this could save you a decent amount.

My math said ~7500 rubies equals 20,000 egg tokens… this math seems off :thinking:

I am assuming the math is right, but ruby is spelled wrong.

This has a revision coming out with my spelling corrected and axis labeled properly etc.

Along with more explanations as to why stuff works. Just hang tight the premise is the same.

And yes 7500 rubies for 20k tokens is the ratio :+1:

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Also 5k tokens for 500 rubies is inaccurate. Unless you were sitting on current gold and bronze chests or had some type of backlog, in which case that shouldn’t be factored in to your equation

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Simple math

30 rubies gives 80 eggs, if elite and event double,
Thus 300 rubies equals 800 eggs
3000 rubies equal 8000 eggs. Takes min 100 attacks

Or if wait 21 seconds
29 rubies gives 80 eggs
2900 rubies gives 8000 eggs per 100 att min

2 min per attack avg 2x100 equals 200 minutes approx 3 hours 20 min, minimum. Some attacks require two attacks, taking longer time

and goldchests give you around 3k tokens per 8k rubies, if you open them during a pvp event :smiley:

Pvp or breed? Which is better?



PvP if you need PvP consumables and don’t want XP boosts/food packs, but breed if you do want XP boosts/consumables.

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But will you get more eggs and fragments during the breed event? I think it’s a Yes.

You’d want to refer to the link below for all of the items that have a chance to drop. Breeding has more than PvP, though not by much. So, it’d go back to basing it on what you want more of.

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Not necessarily. I don’t have the actual compiled numbers, but for me and my experience, pvp seems to have equal (if not more, but again, bias) tokens as breed event, plus consumables to get more eggs, rubies etc (using energy and IF).
I think forsci’s words are really fair and basically urges people to think about what they get if they don’t get the pulls they want.

I got these after the pvp event ended: