In desperate need of Egg Tokens?!


Yes I seem to recall a conversation around this - that PvP gives added advantage of PvP drops to get further in event.

In any case I don’t have any chests :cry: but I may splash out on a big pack with 35k tokens :joy:


Yes, and it’s also better to grind more in PvP, particularly Gauntlet for those at a lower level relative to league, which then leads to more tokens and rubies. During breeding, if there aren’t expensive or multiple breeds, scoring higher would mean wasting (relative to getting better dragons) mystic frags and eggs on things like research eggs or backbreeds.


I should’ve mentioned in my first thread that the 5k was to include all opened chests which I can see now would make this thread a complete misconception


So has anyone calculated the ROI on rubies for gold chests versus zeppelin missions with rubies?

I’m only about 200kish tokens short and looking at where to best throw my small pile of rubies in the hopes of getting Icicle.

I’ve searched and searched, haven’t found that data readily available (if it is there, it’s buried somewhere).


Token missions if you have high grind tolerance (I don’t), elite, and the double token bonus + don’t like RNG. (Click the post or down arrow/v to view it properly.)

1.76k/10 chests was my average after a set of opens from during treasure hunt (hoarded sigils, rubies, etc. specifically for the upcoming breed event), which was actually better, but that was opening 230 chests (edited to add a link). If you’re opening a smaller amount (none per 10, maybe 1-4k per 10, etc.), you’d need to be luckier, as it won’t even out as well.


You. Rock.

That is exactly what I was looking for. Guess I have a long weekend doing token tasks between burning energy in the pits. Doubt I’ll make my goal, but I can try, right? Maybe with Bronze drops I’ll get lucky :crossed_fingers:

Thanks again!


Bronze chests are around 8/chest (~10 if you’re really lucky) from 500 opens. You’ll get more rubies from the pvp and breeding event rewards too and maybe get tokens with seasonal rewards? Good luck & grind hard :smiley:


Thanks, I’ll let you know if I make it :wink:


FWIW my belief with no hard evidence to back it up is that pvp events give the most tokens from golds.


Try hitting live bases instead of xp and mission bases, it makes the grind less of a grind. :hugs:


Long post ahead. TL;DR version:
Level 132 account. Opened 100 gold chests. Got 24k egg tokens for 40,000 rubies.


  • net of 490 sigils (1950 sigils were spent on prizes in process too)
  • 1.2k black pearls
  • 100 of HP & attack boosts for dragons
  • 99 days of speedups
  • 60 healing pots
  • 49 Mystic frags
  • 85 energy packs
  • 180 inner fire
  • Kayla Vitality Plate
  • 1 gold chest

I could spend 30 hours grinding the missions for 24k eggs for 9k rubies, but I don’t have that much patience. And I got lots of other toys.

End of TL;DR. Continue reading for more details:

For fun, I just opened 100 chest on my main account, a level 132 with elite and token boost. I need breeding tokens for breeding Sekhem and then Apophet this coming breeding event. I have tried grinding missions with only Ember and Necryx in my lineup and removing building from my base. But all this reconfiguration is a pain, and during a PVP it makes your base an easy target. During non PVP we tend to be at war most of the time, so there is never a “good time” to drop all things into storage.

I can grind for about an hour and do about 10 token missions. And it gets rather tedious and I quit.

I opened 10 packs of chests. And as I got the sigils I was able to claim some items from the Kayla line that I am working on.
After opening 30 chests and a bonus chest, I had enough tokens to claim Kayla’s 11 gold chests. I opened that 10 in this, so it was more like 110 gold chests. And after the 6th 10 pack of chests purchased I was able to get Kayla’s Vitality Plate.
The 7th 10 pack of chests netted me enough to get the 3k breeding tokens (which are factored into these numbers already).

In the end, I got numbers much worse per 10 pack than listed above, but it is much better IMO than grinding missions.

Sure for 9k rubies and 30 hours of time I could get 24k egg tokens, but that is all I would have.

The 100 gold chests cost me 40k rubies.

My question to you is this - Is it worth saving 30 hours of your time and spending 31k rubies to get:
490 sigils net (1590 were spent to get some of the prizes)
1.2k black pearls
100 of HP & attack boosts for dragons
99 days of speedups
60 healing pots
49 Mystic frags
85 energy packs
180 inner fire
Kayla Vitality Plate
1 gold chest

For me, yes. I only pay for elite and save up rubies to buy gold chests, or sigil chests to finish a seasonal line if needed. I don’t care to spend 30 hours grinding away on egg missions when I can open 100 gold chests from time to time and save those boring hours doing missions.

Note: this does not account for the bronze chests I will get from from doing the egg mission runs, but I already make a lot of runs for my daily multis and helping others on my teams doing their multis which also net bronze chests, so I will call that even.

How Many Egg Tokens Would Gold Chests Drop if Gold Chests Did Drop Egg Tokens?

Just to share. I got reasonably suffice egg tokens to get the dragons. I do grind, but not spending 30 hours but few hours a day. I had elite account, got the double tokens boost early, plus daily bonus, daily atlas bonus, and my ex officer who pushed me, each day grind 3-5 k then 8k.

So now I make it a point, on average, every day with the bonuses, to get 10k egg tokens or so. And now I had 210k earned since last breeding.

Buy the cheapest one at 29, middle at anything less than 60 and the most expensive less than 90 rubies to clock this.


I used to NOT speed egg missions, and I would average around 70k tokens/mo (2333 per day) including event prizes, chest drops, etc.

After reading @mechengg 's explanation of the benefit of speeding egg missions with rubies, I have an overall average of 136k tokens/mo (4533 per day). I have not increased my activity level (in fact I have been busier this last month outside of the game), and I do not grind tokens for any length of time. I also spend 4k rubies on gold chests each event (so I can keep balanced event consumables, heals, etc), whereas before I would usually spend 8k. I found that I just don’t grind enough to use all my rubies for that purpose, and have the extra ‘left over’.

Speeding the egg missions on the intervals he described plain works, even if that’s the only change to your play style (or at least that’s the only change I made to mine, and it has worked wonders for me).

For reference, I am an elite only player with the egg boost.


@ItsJustJoe out of curiosity, do you have Atlas? If so, how many bonus daily tokens do you receive?


Nope, no Atlas access.


Awesome! Nice to know this can be accomplished by everyone without that added daily bonus.


To answer your question, we get about 450 tokens a day from atlas (but there’s a lot of variables that effect that)


Thanks so much @Enigma! Was curious about daily tokens for land holders.


Just to share that my previous post is based on land bonus of 221 tokens. Yes can be achieved 3-5k a day excluding the league/war bonus.

Therefore for me, if we lost war, means I need to grind more, if we win means more relax,:grimacing:.


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