In-Flight Spell Descriptions

I don’t presume it sounds absurd to forget what a spell’s functions are mid-flight, even after reviewing them prior to initiating the flight.

Consequently, most players who draw a blank at what the dragon’s spells do end up either using them incorrectly or using them inadequately. The simple solution to this issue would be to include the spell descriptions in the flight screen, preferably in a panel off to the right side of the screen, and preferably in a more succinct and less time-consuming form; the ideal length would be one that allows for an efficient review between islands or when flying past towers that have an insignificant impact on the dragon’s health. The panel would also include the spell icons, so that players don’t have to waste time scanning during the flight if it’s a specific spell they’re inquiring information on.

Allowing spell descriptions in the flight screen would cast a safety net in the event that the pilot forgets how to properly use a spell. For better space management, fliers who feel confident in their ability to memorize spell concepts and incorporate them into flights would be able to turn the feature off.

What’s more, I believe that all spell descriptions in-game should include the cooldowns and durations, as I previously suggested here.


The 1st part Im against unless it can be toggled off like swapping and auto. I dont want any more crap on the screen that can be accidentally tapped. Even if it can be disabled, I feel like remembering the spells is part of flying the dragon and we should just be able to memorize what spell does what.

The 2nd part I agree with 100% and I want even more. The in game spell descriptions are useless. We should have the actual full spell details in game. Duration, Cooldown, damage and gain amounts, range, radius, projectile speed, everything. For towers as well. Neon is fantastic but most of that info should actually be in the game for everyone to easily see. We get so many pointless UI changes but this is one we should have had from the start.


The cycling spells on dragons also lack any sort of meaningful description- the info/videos in the training screen just says the names of the spells being cycled. Vestige this, Vestige that.


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