In-flight sync error?


Just had a very messed experience during an attack - not one I’d had or heard of before, was curious if it’s a known issue or a new one?

Here’s what happened:

I attacked a base with my alt account, and another teammate, backing me.

The base I was attacking spanned two of the long islands, either side of the lighthouse island. My first dragon took out most of the towers on the first long island, but not quite all of them - nothing dangerous enough to worry my alt, but still annoying, as I also didn’t take out all the farms on the last island either.

I switched to my alt account and mopped up the offensive towers, but because my alt was small compared to the base I was attacking it barely scratched the farms. I swapped out again, and selected Ember in order to quickly finish off the farms.

It was at this point I was surprised to restart at the front of the middle long island, and even more surprised when Ember was shot down by one of the towers I’d just destroyed with my alt.

My teammate then took his turn. I watched him flying over that middle Long island, and was very surprised by his wayward shooting that was completely missing the mysteriously-rebuilt towers. I was even more confused to see that his wayward shots were striking the farms on the other island, which he managed to destroy. His last shot was over the shoulder of the dragon as it approached the end of the island, to take out the main base way behind him.

At this point, the victory music started playing, and on my alt everything proceeded as normal. On my main account, a bewildered-looking Whalegnawer hovered endlessly above a trio of undestroyed towers, presumably confused about why they weren’t shooting at him, how he’d managed to shoot the farms, why the game hadn’t ended and why I was still watching him.

Eventually I had to shut down the game and restart it.

Weird, huh?


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