In game chat notifications

I am sure by now that yall are aware of this issue. But i really think this needs to be pushed up the list of things that need fixed. None of the “@group” notifications work. Alliance chat has been hit or miss for quite some time. But not it has spread to all chats. It makes it very difficult to work as an alliance/ team when no one is getting notifications.

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It’s gonna be fixed in 5.10.

I’m dealing with it too. It’s horrible.

good. thank you for letting me know. I put in a ticket and was told “Sorry there’s no ETA for this fix”

That’s cute you thought support would have a useful answer. You must be new here. :crazy_face:


Here’s a link to the official release notes: Version 5.10 Release Notes

The last line addresses your concern.

lol I wish. I was being hopeful and we’ve been asked to file tickets for issues so that’s what I was doing…


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