In Game emailling


I was wondering if the was a way to send in game emails to multiple people. I know you can send to the whole team. Was wondering if there was a way to send, for example, just to the officer?


No, you cannot.


create a chat group just for officers and add them


yep have done that. It is just for when i want to send them information about the team direction. the chats are good for quick comments. but the main points often get lost in the chat groups.


Download an external application like Line.


Good advice. Thanks for your prompt replies.


Chat is horribly implemented in WD. You can’t see most/any history quite often. This needs to work better. Also, Chat topics for Team and Group chats would be extremely useful. “Don’t Effing Attack Our Ally” would be a popular topic I bet. :roll_eyes:

Mail, although done in an extremely primitive manner in WD, is better, but you cannot send to multiple recipients. This feature and the ability to create your own folders and move/save msgs to them are the most glaring features missing from in game mail.


WD does not work well with other applications running. It uses and leaks memory. I use Line some, but on my phone, while I play WD on my iPad.


I agree that the chat functions have room for improvement. However, it’s worth noting that only allowing group messaging is to mitigate any anonymous spammers from sending out mass mails to a bunch of people that they most likely do not know.


I would also think, that keeping a longer history in chat would just over burden the system, as that would be a HUGE amount of data to be stored, even temporarily. Then you would have to consider the potential lag that would cause when several thousand people login and now it has to load all that for them.


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