In-game forums require logging in every time after this new update 🦖


Yeah, every time. Again. Won’t stay logged in. Not much else to say :expressionless: :t_rex:


This happened a while back to a bunch of people too, I think. Not sure if there’s a fix.


Yep. It was fixed for a while, but now it’s broken… again…
Not the biggest problem, I admit. But… still. Haha. :t_rex:


Aside from the brief log in I did in order to grant me access to post in the Atlas section of the forums, I haven’t used the in game forums at all :laughing: Then again, I can get away with visiting them while still playing the game.


This is a versioning thing that happens every time we update the game. It will pass soon. Your version and the forum version currently disagree.


Gotcha. Thank you for the response :+1: :t_rex:


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