In-Game Screen to Check Dragons Bred by Teammates

One of the most important things to make sure your team is progressing together at an even pace is knowing where everyone is at with their breeding.

Are they using a Breeding Guide?

Are they doing their dailies to have their breeders ready for the next Breeding Event?

Are they doing their Egg Missions so they have enough tokens to progress at an acceptable speed?

Are they over-leveling their base?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help to figure out if players are falling too far behind. Seeing what dragons they have bred will help to give us those answers. We can dole out advice and requirements until our faces turn blue, but knowing whether our players are following what we tell them or not is hard to determine.

Tracking progress is an ongoing task and it is much too tedious to constantly have to ask everyone where they are at. Can we have a button added to our teammates through the Meeting Hall that allows us to see inside of their Dragons Den?

Edit: It would also be helpful if we could see Egg Token counts.


You’ll know their tier by their attack power usually… since most top dragons are divines now

There’s a level 172 on my team that hasn’t bred a Sapphire dragon, so, yeah, being able to check teammate’s progress on breeding and such is… really important. I give advice to my teammates all the time but I never know if they’re listening (evidently, they are not…). As an officer, I want to know that I’m actually helping my team progress properly instead of just seeing their level tick up mindlessly. :t_rex:

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Is there a guide somewhere that will tell me what tier a players Attack Power equates to? Also, that doesn’t really answer a lot of the questions that actually seeing their dragons would. It won’t tell me if they are following a breeding guide. Also, someone who has just broken into Sapphire breeding (for example) is a long way off from someone who is finishing Sapphire. Their bases shouldn’t be at equal levels.

I didnt say it was great lol, but it helps a little :sweat_smile: and probably has the ap for dragons in their given tier

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That does help to try and find players who are waaaaay far behind in breeding for their level, but in general it only gives a vague picture.

For example, a player might have a few low level single shot spell dragons on their roster, or working on experting lower tier dragons. They also might stop leveling after hitting breeding level on their dragons to wait for the Feeding event, which could give the appearance of them being a tier behind.

Anyway, thanks for the link and the information, but I am looking for a more exact method of seeing where teammates are at.

The attack power thing wouldn’t work for me since I’ve taken to only keeping Ember in my roster… It lets me grind out those egg missions more easily during work breaks :laughing:


While i’d love this, i think it would also be a bit invasive of privacy. If you want to ask/have people tell you in conversation, they can tell you. But if they want to keep it private (for whatever reason) then they should also be able to do that.

Same goes for rubies, tokens, breeding, mission status, it’s a bit over the top i think.


Idk, invasion of privacy is a little bit of an over the top concern imo. With rubies and chests I would agree because those are resources which can (but not always) have a correlation to what people spend.

Look at it in terms of other team games, like CoC. You can visually see other players bases and know if they have over-leveled their Town Hall compared to the rest of their base. You can see what units your other players have unlocked. As a leader or officer, you are able to easily track what the rest of your team is doing and give advice or make replacements as needed.

There is too much mystery surrounding the progress of your teammates in this game to keep everyone on the right track.

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Why not asking them?
If they dont tell you, that mean that is secret and you have no right to know. btw, does your bank account public to view by your colleagues?

you know the kind of game CoC is! This is different game and sometimes players also overlevel by choice. For example, in my experience from various teams, some people don’t like suggestions even if they know it does more good than harm.
Some people get pissed off when you say their base is bad( politely ) or crappy ( typically ).
Its really something related to privacy. I would rather help someone who likes to get better than force somethings onto others which , in most cases lead to discontent.
I have observed this even in Line groups, not just in-game , so i am not sure many would like it especially if they play for relaxing or are self- indulgent.

Rather than feature, I’d prefer social approach (by asking, etc). Since my team isn’t comprised of high leveled players, there are many chance to tell them. That makes it more effective, since they want to be stronger at their level…

I think, rather than invading other’s privacy, it’s better to ask, give advices, and drop the deadweight (assuming for highly competitive team). Eventually, they will have an urge to become stronger, or get wasted…

tl.dr. I agree with Luffy and Mechengg

I will use that on my employer the next time they want to see what I am working on. “That’s an invasion of privacy, what I am working on is none of your business.” What a player is working on has nothing to do with what is in their bank account, that is a false equivalency.

If it’s an invasion of privacy to know where your players are at in their progression, then it’s also an invasion of privacy to ask them to tell you where they are at.

What’s the point of having team requirements if it’s an invasion of privacy to make sure people are following them?

I can’t even believe what I am reading in this thread. It’s beyond sillyness.

I don’t think it is an invasion of privacy. On multiple ocassions I have had team members ask which dragons they need to breed a certain one, and then you have to go through the whole rigamarole of getting them to screenshot their lineage progress and send it in line, or if they haven’t downloaded line, they tell you which dragons they have until you can point them to the most effective pairings.

If there was a way you could see what they had bred then it would speed that whole process up. I really wouldn’t care if my teammates could see what dragons I had bred, it would have 0 difference on how I play the game lol. You can see pretty quickly from following someone’s runs if they are behind on their breeding so it’s not like it being hidden protects anything :thinking:


If people get pissed off about being told what is required to be part of a team, then that is a personal issue which that player needs to work on.

In the end, it is up to the leadership of a team to decide what type of players they want. Why not give the leadership the tools to make sure players are abiding by the set standards? Do you think Rulith allows membership for anyone who wants to join and then allows them to do as they please and remain a member?

There are more casual teams for players to join if they don’t want to progress in a more competitive fashion.

Again, these arguments are just silly.

You have ways to get that data from players without feature from PG as well. That would keep player’s privacy intact.
I ask for screenshots of players den and set them right in line, and i am sure you do as well.
Its tedious, but possible. You should also consider fact that Diamond teams interview players for a lot of data before screening and taking them. The same could be done while taking in a player, so that you don’t have to do it later after player joins team.
I would personally like this feature, but sometimes the data you are asking for can predict the player’s spending on the game, which is a very clear breach of privacy.
Silly is your perspective, not bigger picture.

If it’s an invasion of privacy to know that information, then it’s an invasion of privacy for you to ask for that information.

Its left to their choice, if you are demanding it is .
I am out of this argument when you are not open for inputs now.

you get the wrong limit in this. You can check if the base is weak by checking the base, look for their tower and defensive point
even if you see they only have red tier, but the base is as strong as level 300, it doesnt matter. You just over care about the process how people do but forget what the result is really important, they may not have a certain dragon you require but that their business not yours as long as their base is strong.
I saw many people has sapphire dragon or garnet but the base is clearly falling behind compare to my platinum base

edit: I didnt say about what players are working on when I mention bank account. I was pointing at the request to see egg token storage. Even if you see how many egg token I have, it doesnt mean you will know which dragon or how many point I will get. I might not get the dragon you want me to, but it is my own way of doing for my own entertainment. that is privacy, who are you to tell me to following someone path when I have my own? Do you tell your employer how many hour a day they can watch tv when they did their job well?

It does matter. I had a level 100+ in my team with orange tier dragons, this meant they couldn’t war solo, couldn’t do rss runs, performed worse than a 100 should in events because they couldn’t attack etc.

For a competitive team your member’s attacking ability is just as important as their base. It’s not about “you need to have this specific dragon because I say so” it’s about them being on track to continue progressing, and not overlevelling their base and falling behind in breeding. When looking to overcome the saph wall that is extremely important or they don’t know what hits them when they suddenly need 140k-200k for 1 dragon.

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