In-game sound keeps cutting out

Ever since the latest update, the sound in my game seems to have a mind of its own. Despite the sound in the settings being checked, it just won’t work sometimes. It’s not necessarily “cutting out” while in-game—it’s either working or it’s not. Sometimes a force close fixes it, other times it doesn’t. The sounds help me focus so it’s a little inconvenient. Is anyone else having this issue? :t_rex:
I really don’t feel like uninstalling/reinstalling to fix this but if I have to then I guess I will :man_shrugging:

Wait… some people play with the sound on? Seriously why?

I don’t have the music on since it’s really annoying. Just the sounds. Helps me know when a tower is destroyed so I don’t have to watch for that little screen shake. :t_rex:

Oh, so do I. I don’t know what’s wrong then

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