In game spending

Hey all,

Just thought I would throw this topic out there. When this game first started I used to regularly buy the $100 packs, but since they have increased ($159 in Australian Apple Store) I have cut back significantly, to the point where I hardly spend money a ton all. I would love to know if people are still spending in significant amounts, and if so what packs/countries you are from


I only get atlas elite and elite account. Been perfectly fine without any packs.

Yeah, that’s what I think nowadays…packs are too expensive

Just elite account (usa) was spending on the 5k sigil packs for 100$ when they had thme but with nerfs and buffs to mythics and how crappy aristrat was and mad I don’t habe pathox instead. I’m going free to play as well.

The spending for non usa countries is a big problem , the 99$ pack costs 135$ for me which is awful

You got to take in Count that difference country got different “Currency”

Meaning there “Currency” can have more value then the “US” Currency…

That may have a big factor of why so many people pay more then others depending on “where” you live.

I am talking difference in dollars mate

I just buy elites ever since the 15k rubies for 19.99 fiasco I stopped buying packs.

I have both elites. And I buy one or two packs per season - mainly during fort. This will probably change now since they’re changing the 300 wall.

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