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In the last month, we’ve had 3 memorial events that I’m aware of. One was on our team. I’ve also had people pass on teams from other games I’ve played. Sometimes they’re from teammates you only know in the game, sometimes they’re friends with years of history, and in one case on one of our teams something as tragic as the 14 yr old daughter on our team had to tell us that her father and team officer just passed away. Some games have had a mechanism like setting they base as a torch for 7 days while others were simply players gathering. But, regardless of player’s differences, the player usually seems to set aside differences and competition and take time to pay respects and reflect.

I’d like to propose a base memorial mechanism. I’m going to leave out all of the stuff like people trying to take advantage of it, playing a joke on someone, etc. I simply want to focus on a memorial for those players who passed on. While this will take some artistic work, all of the mechanics should be relatively simple to do as most of them already exist in one form or another or were features in the game at some point.

For Atlas teams who lost a member,
One of the team officers can contact support to notify them of a member’s passing. The team’s capitol is designated as a safe zone for 7 days to allow clear and safe passage to anyone who wants to pay their respects. (I say this one, because our memorial lasted less than a day before people were using it as an excuse to go on a glory hunt.) The capitol is lit up with a beacon torch and all teams get a link in their bookmarks for 7 days to the memorial capital. If a team does not hold any castles and therefore doesn’t have a capitol, the safe zone castle where the team leader has a prime becomes the designated memorial castle. The atlas region where the memorial castle is gets colored black and the name changed to something like InMemoryOf(player name) for the same 7 days.

If the member is on a non-atlas team, there really isn’t a gathering place, but notification of the team member’s passing should still come from a team officer.

Player’s Base
The player’s avatar is replaced by a torch beacon. The base becomes nondestructive as well as indestructible. By that I mean, every piece of the base gets a boost so large it is impossible to destroy anything, even with a death gaze spell. At the same time, none of the towers will fire. So that you can fly thru the base with no damage on either side. If you fire within the base, instead of fire balls or flames, etc. your dragon simply rains flowers across the base. When you get to the end of the base, you see the normal castle gate (atlas) or the normal base buildings, with one difference. The castle gate has a large wreath on it and there are mounds of flowers all over the “ground”. For a regular base, the base is covered in mounds of flowers. This configuration on a player’s base should be a permanent memorial. The base is always going to be on the servers and having a few bases that can’t be attacked doesn’t really affect anyone.


I can’t express how much I like this idea. One of the absolute best things about this game is the relationships we all develop with our team mates, becoming a family over time, and I think this is a great way to pay our respects.


As a player that lost someone very near and dear within game (no memorial, no atlas) I’m not sure about this. Though you did mention why. I think it’s great seeing the players come together to honor someone who has passed and I hope I’m not sounding otherwise. It just seems like something that would be taken advantage of.

I absolutely can agree with the sentiment behind this idea. And I’m not saying it’s a bad one. I just think it will be abused (sadly). Maybe I’m too pessimistic. Hope this doesn’t come off as insensitive as that’s not my intent.

I played a game called Battle Pirates and they did this memorials stuff there, they would gather at a point and pay respects, people would come from hundreds of sectors and park ships by the bases out of respect, then the whales would come and sink every ship paying their respects for ranking points, then the forums would fill with hate comments and people would claim it’s a TOS violation because kixeye endorsed the gathering, it’s a shitfest of problems and not a place for real world memorials, posting a notice on forums that a member has died is the only way it should be shown, anything else is morbid and should not be added to game, a game is to escape real life not part of it.



Love this Idea! Already had several mates leaving for a better place and this way there would be a virtual memorial of them.

Great idea

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