In Need of Assistance

I’m currently in a bit of a quandary.

The next step on Red’s Breeding Path from where I am leads me to breed Balor, an Eldritch Mythic Fire Invoker, granted that I also breed Glossia, an Eldritch Legendary Earth Sorcerer, as a byproduct. Both options, from which I will select Balor, show as ready to breed in my Breeding Castle. This is where I wish to advance from Eldritch tier after a long, ineffective 5 breeding events being in said tier. However, further progression throughout the path does not account for that. (It would account for it if I aimed to use the warrior path. Initially, my plan was to push through the warrior path, but I then discovered that I cannot proceed through the warrior path in Verdant tier and expect to have the hunter path opened by the time I achieve Artisan tier, because Helminn is a requirement for the sole hunter in the Artisan tier, Quilleth, and Helminn is a component of Verdant and Arcanum’s hunter path, being an Arcanum Mythic Hunter.)

It is indicated that I will also need to breed Mordred, because only then will I be able to breed Carrion and Montague in order to proceed to Cephoth. This is where the quandary lies; I do not have the parents required to breed Mordred. I do not have Medusys in order to breed Caeryss, which is required to breed Mordred. Because I cannot breed Mordred, I cannot breed Carrion, Montague, Cephoth, Sylvix, Ikti, Asuri, or Malok, leading up to Helminn. I refuse to advance through any path opposite to the hunter path (that which comprises Carrion, Montague, Cephoth, Sylvix, Asuri, Malok, and Helminn) because that is the only path that will allow access to Quilleth in Artisan tier through Helminn in Arcanum tier, but I do not wish to spend more tokens than necessary in an attempt at breeding and incubating all dragons that are required to proceed, especially being that the gap between Eldritch and Verdant, and that between Verdant and Arcanum, are both so small as to almost be unmanageable. (Here, I am referring to fortification. The slow fort progression makes up for it, except then, the imbalance begins to fall more upon breeding than fort. It is practically inescapable.)

How can I go about this switch in the least wasteful, hindering way? I aim primarily to get to Artisan tier as quickly as possible, where I would only truly need one dragon per tier, but I cannot do that if I do not have the requirements to advance, and getting said requirements would require me to waste a hurtful amount of tokens on dragons that I do not have because prior paths have not stressed the need for them. This would be exceedingly bad because I am not quite the best at having insanely high amounts of tokens prepared for breeding events (which is why Eldritch took 5 events, in contrast with prior tiers which took 1-2 events).

Helminn isn’t the ONLY way to get Quill. Once you reach Artisan, eventually you will have access to all four dragons because breeding all four is required to get to the next tier (whatever that will be).

So whatever gets you to Artisan the cheapest is good. I wouldn’t focus on Quill so much since you will eventually get him once you get to the tier.


I wouldn’t try to change paths at this stage. The cost to back breed and change the path is quite expensive not really worthwhile.

Helminn is a great dragon, but already can’t easily handle end tier bases - and you’re better off getting to Artisan ASAP

With the path you are on, continue until you get Lumestry

After that, Malok+Lumestry gives you your first Artisan. Washi. Since you don’t want washi first, you can instead use the backbreeding of Arcanum to get to your Quilleth relatively quickly. (Extra 116k tokens)


You were both very helpful. I appreciate both of you. Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :blush: