In store game packs


Pg why did u name this pack lots of timers when you only get 6 12 hours n being a 346 thay wont even work on a tower! Screenshot_2018-10-12-16-14-59|690x345


Because for £1.79 that is a lot of timers?


Your image isn’t working :grimacing: :t_rex:


It’s this (wood pack scales for level):


Ohhh. For $2.00 I don’t think that’s bad at all. :t_rex:


Same, I’m a sucker for micro transactions :sweat_smile:


Hehe, the only thing I spend on in this game is Elite because it’s got sorta “long-term” benefit, it’s not a one-time thing. Considering Atlas Elite monthly when I have more money, because I do enjoy Atlas and would like to do better in it to help my team :grimacing: :t_rex:



Wow… That actually sounds like a good deal. Now I’m tempted. Wish you hadn’t posted that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol yea the 6 12 hours isn’t a lot of timers :laughing:


i wonder why i got a breeding token pack offered :thinking:


They are trapping you :joy:


But wasn’t it only like $2 or something?

AKA the value seems to me to be significantly higher than the $100 pack

$100 - 12,500 Rubies - 150 12hr Speedups - 25 130k Lumber Packs
$2 - 500 Rubies - 6 12hr Speedups - 1 130k Lumber Pack

It should cost $3.99 to keep the same value shouldn’t it?


the name is what gets me lol alot of timers?


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