Inactive and empty event map

One of my teammates (Krot2016krot40) still have inactive map in the event - no teams shown, etc. Just empty map. It’s not possible to attack anyone and score points.

The game was already reinstalled (before that there was even no map). Ticket to support was already sent. Any ideas, how it can be fixed or any known workaround?

This is how the map looks now:

Ticket number?

Support ticket: 1125030 (also 1125959 was written, but it is on the same problem) - empty inactive map.
@PGEggToken @DragonPunch Can you help with that?

I know three accounts exact same thing. Blank map. I filed a report on the other thread.

I’ve already brought this to the team and added all cases that I’ve seen come up so far. :slight_smile:


Same happened to a teammate of mine. I had to logon into his account to petition about it as he doesnt speak english.

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My family has two devices that still cant play. Hope they fix it. Blank map.

Me too, I’ve submitted a ticket at event start, days ago, but nothing yet.
Still zero attack and zero score…
Even if they can adjust in the next hours, how can we recover the full event in one day??


Today is the last day of the event, and problem is still in place. Will that bug be compensated somehow to the players who had that problem?

The person that I mentioned, usually, performs great in the events - regularly in the top-10 of the team (I can send screenshots of previous events, if needed), and now she is missing all the personal rewards - sigils, rubies, tokens, speed-ups, etc, which, in turn, doesn’t allow to open seasonal branch further on to get prizes like ember, clocks, which will be required on fortification, etc, etc. This is not mentioning the fact that we could have higher place with her participation (1st or 2nd place in the league instead of 3rd). Main drawback is missing personsal prizes, of course. We could live with 3rd place.

I guess, other players who completely miss the event due to that bug are having the same question.

P.S.: she asked support about this, but mainly receive template answers like “we are very sorry you have that issue”, “we are aware of the problem”, “look for updates on event issues page”, etc.

I have three family members that couldn’t play. All of them documented it and sent to pg. we heard nothing but excuses. Where’s the compensation? Still can’t believe they couldn’t play.

Just got a response yesterday.
The issue was due to old OS version on devices. Arelyna confirmed that there will be no compensation for this.
So I could only suggest to either update iOS (looks like the issue was mainly there) or use another device.

This is false and incorrect. They are just trying to put the blame on us. I know two players that both had the same phone and iOS. One phone could load event map and the other couldn’t. The third player was up to date and wouldn’t load map.

I can’t verify the statement, since I’m on Android. But I’m sure that if you send this information to @Arelyna, with account names, type of devices and iOS versions, she will pass that info to the developers, and during next event there will be more chances that event will work for more people.

Lies. App stores says war dragons works on iOS 8 or later. All the accounts that I seen that had blank maps were iOS 9. Its stingy that they didn’t compensate any players that didn’t play the whole kingdom wars. Here it comes again. We will see what happens.

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