Inactive leader

Our leader is inactive. How can we remove inactive leader? Does the auto kick function applies to leader? If not, how can we remove him? Thanks!

Leader will be auto kicked, but I believe they have longer before they get booted.

An officer should take his place when auto kick happens. (In the past it used to promote the most active player, but I believe it was changed to use an officer)


Wasn’t Ally got her leader title after the previous one got autokicked?
(Wondering if the case is similar)

If it supposed to use an officer, that’s definitely not working. I watched it happen on a team one of my alts was on a few days ago; leader was inactive and by the time it came time to automatically demote, the system passed over 3 officers who were ‘active’ and promoted the only ‘very active’ account.

  • If you are a new player, and you do not login within the last 4 days of your first 7 days, then you will be automatically kicked out.
  • If you are an existing player, and you have not logged in within 7 days, on the 8th day, you will be automatically kicked out.
  • If you are a leader and you have not logged in within 7 days, you will receive a notice. If you are still inactive for 3 days, then an Officer will be promoted and you will be kicked out of the team.

Basically, leader has 10 days of vacation before being kicked out.

I think our leader has been inactive for quite some time close to 10 days. Will observe 1-2 more
days zzZ

That is maybe how it’s supposed to work but is not how it always works.

Was only 3 people on one team…Me, inactive leader and one officer was on a team, leader stayed inactive over 2 weeks, skipped officer who wasn’t even inactive he was just low active. Yeah skipped officer gave me the team.

I’ve also seen it work similar where an
Officer was giving the team after what seemed like a week or 10 days.

@FieryDrago honestly I would just leave the team. Find a better team it will be much more fun!


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