Inactive or banned players

I know there have been previous closed messages on this topic, although those seem to be one offs. We are currently at war with a team that has 6 players that cannot be attacked, so a difference in 30 points. Fortunately, we will not likely lose this battle, but this certainly does not seem to be FairPlay. Especially since some of them appear to be obvious alt ids, so have to question if this is a strategy. @pg anything that can be done?

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Same here. Keep getting challenged for wars and the stocked roster is mainly blocked due to the same message. Gives the team an automatic advantage when they don’t even play.

Our team contact pg previously about this. Those players cannot attack and receive flames so you won’t be at a disadvantage.

It can be an issue if the team declares against you and has more members than your team. They’ll start off with more flames.

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Didn’t think of that. If that’s the issue, then I’d resubmit a ticket hopefully allowing the war to be rebalanced.

Iv had a team of 49 inactives an 1 active beat my team just because 2 of ours left the team mid event

Yup, warring a team right now in Gold 1 that has several banned or inactive players

My team has the same issue we have lost 3 warsbecause the other team has ten times more members and have all inactive or banned players this is very unfair how can we resolve this issue

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