Inactive players affect the outcome of War battles

There appears to be a bug/balancing issue in the War Battle part of the game. Inactive or banned players, by doing nothing, give an opposing team a clear advantage because of their “flames” count in the final tally.

My team found that we were not able to win war battles against several other teams’ because inactive or banned players, which the game tells us, cannot be attacked. So I raised this as a support ticket and appreciate the positive response that team. They suggested I post to this forum so others can offer a suggestion on how to address the issue and make the experience of the War Battles better. I can see that this has been discussed but I think we can come help the developers fix this issue.

Here are my thoughts on addressing the bug/balance issue.

There is a mechanism to automatically remove an inactive player from the team that the Leader can toggle. But automatically removing an inactive team member from their team is only removing the inactive from the team, and it does not fix the balance issue for those teams whose leader does not choose this option. It is a team leaders choice to keep an inactive or banned player in the team, therefore, the mechanism to automatically drop an inactive player is only helpful to a good leader who uses automation to manage their team. This doesn’t fix the flame counting balance issue in a war battle though.

So how about this idea? The inactive/banned players flame count is taken out of consideration during a war battle. In this way, a team with 1x Strong leader and 49x inactive/banned players cannot ever win a war battle. Besides only one player is participating (although badly in my opinion) anyways, therefore, the highest score that team can achieve is 5 flames.

Secondly, make inactive players attackable in a war battle. (Banned players should be automatically kicked from the team and placed in a farming team, but that’s a different thread.)

This simple change may have the effect of leaders properly managing their teams and ensuring their players stay as active as they can.

Since an inactive/suspended/banned player on a team can’t be attacked in a battle, can that player’s contribution to the automatic calculation for flames be ignored?

I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.


Which mechanism are you talking about? The auto boot one? That can’t be toggled.

Rub is right, you can’t turn off the auto-kick … else I would’ve turned it off a long long time ago. :slight_smile:

In summary, the auto-kick is broken and needs to be fixed. If it was working correctly, this problem wouldn’t exist. :rose:

Agree with the removing flames for inactive players

Cannot attack this player. They may have gone inactive or been banned.

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if u cant attack them , they cant attack u aswell. so u can score equal flames?

I wonder why they’re telling you to post this so that ppl can offer suggestions. What kind of suggestions do they need to fix this issue🤔 ? Please just fix it.

What do you mean you lose the war for this reason?
you cant attack inactive base so -5 flame for your team
inactive player cant attack you so -5 flame for their
result would be 245 for both team, wouldnt it?

According to this thread inactives can attack. They can attack till they are auto kicked right? Because there on a team. Otherwise ppl won’t bring this up to the forums I guess🤔

We’re having this same issue right now. We are unable to attack anybody on the other team except for super high level players that none of our top players are strong enough to take on. How is it that almost everyone on a team is banned or inactive?

FWIW, the leader has never been able to toggle that option. At least it in the three years I’ve been playing. Imagine that! Something broken for three years and PG ignores it. :laughing:

Yes but they have some players who are active and can attack you. My team used to experience similar issues and we ended up losing the war due to the number of inactive/banned players.This is a problematic issue and need to be resolved.

@DragonPunch would you mind to solve this soon?

I guess the only thing you need to do is to make sure you have 50 Members on your team. Other teams complain like they have no Inactive players on their roster. And, this only happens in lower leagues. If you have 50 Members then you should be safe I guess.


Unless you get stuck against a team with lots of inactive members and you can’t gain the numerical advantage due to it :wink:

I am confused. We just finished two wars with an inactive player. He didn’t attack, but his base was attacked and the opponent got five flames in both wars. We lost both because we didn’t get five flames from him, but our opponents got their 250. Your thread makes no sense. If the other team has inactives, then your team should easily be able to outscore them.

Sometimes you get a message “Player could not be found due to inactivity or banned status” (something like that), you literally can’t attack them. So they should have been auto kicked from the team but haven’t for whatever reason. It’s rarer in high leagues but pretty annoying lol

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