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Hey everybody!

I couldn’t find an answer in the forum that applied, so please let me know if this has already been addressed elsewhere.

I noticed a weird occurrence in our “beloved” fighting pits event. Our Team made it to the Coliseum and occasionally another team pops up, which kinda shouldn’t be there?

It’s a team of exclusively lower levels (4-32), most other teams in Coliseum have members of lvl 300+, which would be impossible to beat for that team.
However, they’re also ranked 2nd in division. Here’s what’s weird about it:

you cannot attack anyone from this particular team. I tried each and every one of them, always resulting in the same. pick player > pick attack > go > loading screen > kicked back to team list. I made a short screen recording, so you see what I mean (Unfortunately you can’t see the players I chose, but you see what happens). The team in question is called Pillagers.

I couldn’t upload the video file here, so it’s an unlisted video on my YouTube channel:

At first I thought that maybe my lvl is too high to attack, but I had several lower lvl members try as well, resulting in the same.

Sometimes a message pops up about a player being inactive or banned, which makes it even more unlikely, that they came that far.

Could this be a glitch/Should this be reported to PG or is it expected behaviour?

Hoping for some answers here. Thank you all in advance and have a nice morning/day/evening wherever you are!


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What league are you in?

It’s possible there weren’t enough teams in your league to fill in the 25 teams.

The team is all low level as you said, and looks to be set up similar to the way they set up PVE teams for things like caves and temple raid.

If not enough other teams in your league are hitting, it’s fully possible for that team to make it up to coliseum, especially if the game is buggy and doesn’t allow anyone to hit them.

E.g. in the training ground you would need at least 4 teams to hit something to get more than the starting points. If not, this team may be at the top of the list and by default promoted to coliseum.

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But the op did say that this team is ranked 2. Which would be kinda a low blow for any team below rank 3 to see a PG generated team, like the PVE in caves, have 2nd

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All of the teams in the video don’t have atlas - so it’s likely it’s a very low league with basically inactive teams, or teams that are new and getting out of gold

If there’s only 3-4 teams actively doing anything, a PVE team getting to the top is very possible lol.

Since. Depending on those teams timing with getting into Coliseum/demotion, a PVe team could get a bonus in training grounds if there’s no active teams at that time :laughing:

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Oh that’s a team? I thought it was some planned leaked new feature of the Fight Pits :sweat_smile:

See i didnt bother looking into the teams shown in the video :woman_shrugging:
So i kinda assumed that the game glitched and there were 24 teams in a league, meaning the 25th would be a pve.

Either way, still kinda stupid that you cant attack the team to even try for points

They’re Gold 3.

Imagine it’s just such a low activity league that dead/dormant teams are somehow getting promoted

All the players on this team are inactive. Which explains why you can’t hit them but also explains why they’re getting promoted as they will always finish with the same points they started on :joy::rofl:

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I thought once accounts become inactive, they were autokicked off of their teams.

How do we replicate this? I’m definitely going to exploit this. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


sorry for my late reply.

We’re in Gold III currently. We started a new team and are on our way up to get Atlas back.

Participation is a bit low down here, that’s true. A lot of one player teams also.

It felt a bit unfair for them to keep being promoted for doing nothing, but it makes sense what you say. Thank you so much for your reply Blassie!

I imagine it’s a low blow for other teams, especially the ones that only consist of one member. They’re around 25ish teams, but who knows how many of them are inactive. Don’t have the time to check them all :sweat_smile:

Thank you all for replying! I appreciate you taking time out of your busy days to do so!

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