Inactive teams have no business in battle events

I have a 2nd account with lower level with just 2 in the team. The other teams are also 10 or less players (bronze III). The problem is, we cannot gain point/rubies/sigils bc several times already this event, ENTIRE teams are inactive… AND ALL TEAMS, ALL PLAYERS in the pit are completely inactive. These teams should be filtered and placed at the BOTTOM of the win/loss order… they are currently at the top, making it impossible to win the pit … especially since all teams are completely inactive … it means we cannot score even a single point in the round to take 1st place.
This has happened in nearly every round this event … we get to the top pit, and lose bc we cannot attack ANYONE in the other teams.

This needs to be fixed ASAP !!!

There is already a topic going on this. Please continue the discussion there: Pits event is comlete trash