Inactivity of our leader

Hello admins if we have our leader lost his account and not playing anymore the game can we change our leader?
Thank you in advance for replying.

Eventually he will be auto kicked for inactivity

First, he will be demoted. Then after sometime he Will be kicked out.
Game will automatically assigned a new leader. If I am not mistaken it Will be the most active member of the Team (Or not).

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My friend lost his team this way when the upgrades caused him to be locked out. Instead of promoting an officer, the game promoted the newest member to the team … the team was set to auto-accept. It was a level 20s Turkish player over an English speaking plat team. :see_no_evil:


How long till the leader is autokicked/demoted?

Usually two weeks of being inactive I believe.

This stupid auto pick made a D2 Team disband.

It picked also a brand new player who started kicking everyone and invited his friends.

Shouldn’t be that way in the first place

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@PGJared @PGEggToken @DragonPunch @Arelyna Can you please switch how the auto-pick-new-leader works? I think having the most active officer promoted to leader would probably be better.


This is ridiculous, you must be joking… :weary:

Unfortunately it’s the sad truth

My friend lost his team TheRedPhoenix in May 2017. This issue was brought to support then. Guess it’s not enough of a priority to fix. :frowning:

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