Incentive for building out instead of up?

Would it make sense to somehow lessen the divide between building up and building out?

Im just bored of seeing the same old cookie cutter short bases.
They are strong, no doubt about that, but I feel some more variety would be better for the game.

Just a quicky off the cuff thing, but I wonder if adding something like a 5% bonus to atk and def for every fully built island (no perches necessary lol), and an additional 5% for having all islands complete (30% total), would be enough to bridge the gap and allow some more creativity in base design?

I dont know, just throwing it out there. All my accounts are <100 (I would guess this is the huge majority of players in the game) just so you know where Im coming from.


You want to change the base of this game. I disagree. There different concepts of base buildings in different games, which only have add-ons at a later time to modify them.
But what you are trying to ask is change the fundamentals of base design. And how many short bases do you find in the game below 100? I still find only 2-3 out of 10 at best.
And there are actually few other designs which you might be missing. The final idea is still to have at least few level capped towers though

The bonus you propose would pretty much mean we’d build the same base, just filling the empty spaces with level 1 archers, so that won’t work.

It would be interesting if there was a way to make more varied base designs work well, but it’s something that’s easier said than done. Perhaps if some new dragons had spells that can be used only once per attack, that bypass/disable a whole island. Like a fireball-sized dessicating sand. That would force people to spread their attack power more and not have all fire power concentrated on one island.

Without abilities like that, it will always be more effective to pack as big a punch as possible in as short a space as you can. And that means maxing out towers, which you can only do for a single island at most.

Sounds like you messed up your base multiple times.

Developing a plan for your upcoming new account would be my suggestion to help increase it’s power rather than to try and change the base principle that affects every single tower defense game in existence…


ya…no…just no…

This. This. This.


My base is technically long but only a blue mage lvl 1 at the start. It is crucial to have a drain island, ive had mine since around lvl 40 and that drain island is most efficient at the 1st short island for attacker. I also have 2 archers on my drain island because i have a perch there and is incentive for most attackers to go ahead and kill rather than use it to build rage.

Mid island is of course where my heavy hitters are and on the next short island for attacker i have dark flak, blue mage, treb, and storm tower with 1 res building at closest front spot to attacker and sorcerer perched for the added stun duration.

On the final island i have the remaining 3 resource buildings up front with a red mage to drain rage, a storm to protect res buildings, 3Lt towers and also a treb to stun.

  • Basically just trying to explain that in my opinion you dont have to stay short, you just have to have a solid core with a few tricks up your sleeve. Once i upgrade resource buildings it will be much tougher.

So you propose all the short bases just fill in all the empty spots with lvl 1 towers for variety? Or is this to help give a boost to poorly built bases

Here are some of the graphs i came up with awhile back. I don’t believe anything has changed but the release of level 60 towers, but those follow the trend.

Edit: i just realized one of these pictures doesn’t belong here… Oh well, this is Panos my real life dragon :dragon:


Dont want to change the base, just think the game would be more interesting if a short and long base, both with say 500k def were about the same difficulty.

Having one base config that everybody builds because it is so much stronger than the others is boring, and I dont feel is healthy for the game.


While I agree it would be more interesting to see more variety, new dragons are being released regularly - before Necrix, my base was solid… now anyone with a 45 Necrix and two hands has an ‘I win’ button against my base undefended. Point being, the release of the new dragons will make people adjust their bases - before recently there were not many dragons with dark flak resists, so a protected strong dark flak made life hell on the vast majority of dragons. Times change, dragons change, so bases will always change too.

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I havent been playing long enough to mess up. Well, bad anyway =)

I have the standard setup to the lighthouse for the most part (because I pretty much have to), middle is pretty much a big rage drain, and far small is just a bunch of junk/building.
Its no super base, but it does fine.

If Im feeling generous, I’ll throw some junk out on the far island to give people some chests and more stuff to blow up.

Im in G1 and seems like a fun setup to me, and I hope for others.

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Somebody with a short base could do that, but seems like there would be a big rage penalty to pay.

Just think it would be nice if the def power had a bit more meaning by itself, and we could get a little more variety in the game.

Prob lots of ways to do it, just one I thought was worth kicking around.

THIS is awesome! This is the whole point. Good on ya!

I don’t build bases that are a fun setup, I get my fun when I smack 3-5 dragons that try my base… I would hope that that is the goal of every player playing this game and are competitive.

If you want to have a fun base, (or a fun dragon like Kinnarus), go ahead and settle for average base (or dragon).


Props for your effort in making sure everybody knows what/when to build, but everybody doing the same thing just can’t be good for the game.

I don’t push anybody to do the correct way of building strong bases… But why equalize bases of people that have no clue how to build with people that put in hard work to make a good short base?

Player 1 at lvl 100: Make crap long base - PG: here’s bonus cuz you suck at building to compensate for the lack of knowledge
Player 2 at lvl 100: Make a great short base - PG: oh f*** your efforts we will just give noobs buffs so their base is as powerful as yours… who cares how much effort you put in…

Logic = 0


Im capped at lvl20 on my main.
I dont know how much farther I will go (who really does lol), but looks like I will put that acct out to pasture and start over if I make it to lvl40s.

Are you sure you dont push people to do the correct way of building strong bases?
Ive seen plenty of your posts that look to be doing exactly that lol.

Im just saying good short base is boring, especially when everybody is using the same cookie cutter.
I think something that allowed more cookie cutters to be used would be good for the game. No?

No, I push to get my point across and to make people aware of, in my mind, the right way to build bases. What they decide to with their base doesn’t matter to me.

And no, shitty bases will be shitty bases… Why penalize people that put effort and thought in their base and make it possible to have equally as good of a base if another person just throws bunch of towers everywhere in the base?