Incentive for building out instead of up?


I’m ALL FOR shitty bases (on other teams)! I love shitty bases! :innocent:


See, that is what I would like to get away from.
I would love it if you didnt have a point to make, and there was more than one right way to build a base (granted this right way will change with player lvl).

I would love to see def numbers mean more. Obviously you need to put the right stuff in the right places, but I think it would be nice if 2 different bases, both 500k def, were somehow closer in difficulty.


To be honest with you, I don’t even know why I’m fighting you idea. Please do implement this…

I’ll just add all level 1 towers on all the island I’m not using and burn all the rage they generate on my rage drain island and Pew Pew even harder on my strong island…

Perfect idea indeed.


Ya, you def dont want to fight on the interwebz, waste of time =)

Could you think of anything constructive to add, or a different method (that doesnt involve everybody building the same base), to allow some more variance in the bases we see?

Maybe institute a minimum tower lvl based on player level before it kicks in?


I def don’t want to fight a level 20 trying to change basic mechanic of the game.

Let’s make all the crappy dragons better by giving them buffs to equal them out with Noctua because everybody flies Noctua in Obsidian tier.


I am a mechanic, I be knowing about mechanics lol =)

Im not trying to change the game, but this is a discussion forum. Lets discuss.
Maybe if we all put our heads together we could come up with something the players and pg both found useful.

Even you have to admit that everybody copy and pasting your layout is not healthy and gonna get real tired, real fast. No single layout should have that much of an advantage. Lets mix it up a bit.

Honestly, I think something that allowed a full base of decently leveled towers to stand a snowballs chance of keeping up with 2 boring maxed out islands would be a good thing.

I understand we are at very different points in the game and have very different perspectives, but still no reason we cant kick around ideas that might reduce the need for everybody to build the same worn out base.

And this is just an alt, might highest is still only pushing 70 though. The little things right? =)


You realize that if this is done it would change the game right?

It’s not about the layout, it’s the level of towers, achieving what I have isn’t as easy at just copying the layout, the layout without the right levels means nothing. Not to mention that it really requires patience and well thought out plan in order to get it right. So no, it won’t get real tired, real fast because the number of people that are patient and willing do put in the time I have is very small.

Yes it should! If I spend 2 years building something why would that be worth the same as someone building the same thing in 2 days? Am I going crazy here? How can you not grasp this concept?

I don’t need to kick around ideas based on, in my opinion, bad idea? It is a forum where we discuss and debate ideas, my stance on your idea is that it’s not good and all I am doing is arguing against it. So far I haven’t seen a single person thinking this is a good idea… Correct me if I am wrong.


The concept of building “tall” over building “long” has always been around forever in other games too, so I don’t see a point lol.

Like what coach said, you’re free to do what you want. If you want to stay up to date and be competitive, go short and rage drain. If you want to do whatever you want, go for it. Nobodys stopping you from building ballistas everywhere.

It’s like with breeding, nobody’s forcing you to go get a breeding guide. You can just literally click and breed if you want, though it would slow down your progression it was your choice to do so instead of being competitive.

Thread should really be closed soon lol we’re not gonna get anywhere


Lol, I screwed the pooch the 1st 1 and should have been more specific.
I know I cant change it single handedly, and that this idea would not be perfect. Knew going into this we would be here, just wanted to kick up some ideas.

The 2nd one, I mean copy and past. layout and level. Do you really think that everybody should pretty much be forced into the same build? You dont think it would be better if there were some more leway here?

The 3rd, You might be going crazy if you are comparing 2 days and 2yrs. That just seems a bit extreme to me.
From what I see (limited, I know), I just think a full base of something like lvl 15 towers should be closer in strength to 1 island of 20s. I havent crunched numbers to see where it might line up, but you see what Im getting at. Nowhere near 2 days and 2years anyway.


Nobody’s forcing you to do anything. Every game has a competitive metagame and this isn’t any different. If you want to have the best drags and the best base, that’s your decision to do so. If you want to just chill and relax (which most people opt for with casual bases and drags), that’s perfectly fine it’s your decision to do so.

Like Rulith breeding check in literally has people skipping fortifications to be competitive. Nobody is forcing them to do it but themselves. It’s their own decision, not a “forced” thing. Similarly, nobody is forcing you to have a kill island and a rage drain island, it’s your decision to be competitive and study the metagame or not.

It’s like I can play pickup basketball all I want for fun without knowing set plays or anything, but if I want to try out for a sponsored team or something I would have to spend a lot of outside time studying the game. Nobody’s forcing me to do so, it’s my own decision to be a competitive player.

Also the concept of exponential level strength is in other games too. I dont really get the whole strength in numbers thing. A dragon facing like 100,000 unarmed peasants should not be the same as facing a squadron of trained knights. An entire continent of shitty ballistas should not be able to stop a beast like noctua.


Do you realize that it will take you year-year and a half and then some to get to where I am at now? You are saying copy and paste like you are literally going to press Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V and it will take that amount of time. If you are willing to put in 1-2 years into building a strong short base, YES, your base deserves to be better then someone who makes 35x 27-37lvl towers.


This goes against the core principle in every tower defense game out there. Seriously just learn to build a better base, I have a good guide coming out shortly that will hold your hand through the concepts and theories as well as the implementation.


Dont you have a few recommended layouts for different levels? Im not talking about your current level, but it is prob one of them.

Do I really need to tell you I mean copy/paste figuratively?

I dont know where you are currently, but that may be exactly what I am talking about. Say a full base of 35s vs 1 island of 40s being a similar difficulty. And I would guess it would take more than 2 days to fill it out.
If everybody builds that same island, thats gotta be terribly boring. Would love to be able to exercise some more creativity, without being punished…


Learning to build a better base seems to be like crawling into a box. A small one.
I just think it would be nice if we had a bigger box to play in.


I’m done with this thread.

“You can not force people to understand.”



This is my base, i dont feel like i am penalized for having a long base as well as several lvl 20-25 towers in storage. Yes it could be leaner if i didnt have those towers in storage but the game is always changing and who knows if ill wanna bring out one of them. Also if u want to max all tower gear u will need all 3 perches, so if i ever decide to go for max dark flak attack and red mage hp ill need to build up scorch islands somehow.

I understand what you are saying, you wanna have options and i feel the same way. My base has no problem taking down attackers when i defend it and once i get those resource buildings up it will be even more difficult for a follow up to get 5 flames.


You’re nowhere near high enough level with enough experience for me to listen. Sorry.

I’m out! :roll_eyes:


Hey guys, talking about copying and pasting, didn’t we see a similar thread weeks ago that didn’t make so much of a fuss :grin:?

I’m leaving this here… Just in case looking at it can be relevant… :roll_eyes:


I think they were probably talking about a capped Dragon…


Better designed towers is the incentive for having varied base designs not incentives to building out. my2c