Incentive for building out instead of up?


A long base of 35lvl towers is easyer to beat as a short base with lvl 40 towers, that is the way this game works :woman_shrugging:t3:

Aslo there is a big space for different base layout and strategies. Yes, the core setup (darkflack mages storm) remains the same but if you will build high not long from the very beginning you will always be able to max up to 7 towers (on lvl 84 you can actually have 9 maxed if I remember it correctly). What towers those gonna be is up to you.


The way I look at it is would you rather fight a gang of unarmed little kids (small towers) or run into a couple adults in a dark alley (big towers).

And no I don’t like to fight little kids before that gets commented on lol


Woah, looks like they are saying the exact same thing, for pretty much the same reasons.
My search-fu is very much weak I guess lol

It would appear that they also realize base building, as it stands now, is nothing more than paint by numbers.

I aint saying we need chess (would be nice though), but is there anything we could do to get it more toward checkers?


Wait are you only a level 20? Who even builds short then :thinking: but in all seriousness you can build whatever you want but the meta favors shorter bases. Theres always something thats favored in any game one gun/hero/base and thats fine. No one is forcing you to build Short


This is an alt.
The meta doesnt just favor short bases, they are pretty much the only way to go.
You are effectively forced to build the cookie cutter base if you want something half way decent.

When it comes to building a strong base, all roads lead to Rome, and only Rome. I dont think this is a good thing.
I think it would be nice, and better for the game, if there was somehow no penalty for investing the same time/rss into filling out a base vs 1 small island.


First, I need to preface by saying, I wholeheartedly believe the short base with big towers SHOULD REMAIN vastly superior to a long base with medium towers. As @Coach said - it takes YEARS of strategy and patience (a virtue not many seem to have these days).

So in the spirit of kicking up ideas as @oetkb2 is trying to do… well, I don’t have any unfortunately. I do have a WISH though… I kind of WISH that there weren’t a select few towers that are all but mandatory, which in my mind, is the only problem (if there were a problem, which I don’t necessarily believe there is). I think it would be cool if tower power levels were more similar (taking into account that each has it’s own unique supershot characteristics) - THAT would help lead to more base variety, while still rewarding the strategy and patience required to build a short base with big towers. As it stands now, a dark flak is the Chuck Norris of killing dragons. Build a big one, protect it well, and down goes everything but Necrix these days (exaggeration for effect)…


And then just build a Rage drain island in front and Necryx can suck it as well :slight_smile:


I’m with you (I have a rage drain) :slightly_smiling_face:


If you built with level 1 archers for the bonus still not gonna do anything being it’s only amplifying the percentage for those towers. I see the incentive in his design proposal and agree it would push players to build longer bases in turn keeping you in game longer with longer attack in turn causing players to spend more money cause they’re gaming longer with temptation and making impulsive decisions :+1:


Ok I’ll move my strong towers on the last long island and stack everything there and make lvl 1 archers behind all the way back to my main base. Then I will get all the bonuses on my strong towers… ZzzzzZzzzZzzzZzzz


:joy: I guess I see what you mean but it would still give the incentive to open all those islands lol


No, it’s a stupid idea.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


I am getting lot of fun out of this thread :rofl:


Let’s take it even further, for you lvl 20 players that think this is a good idea!

When you hit lvl 300-400, you are probably having full base of lvl 60 towers. Which means all your towers will have per @oetkb2 idea +30% on everything.

Do you realize that obsidian dragons will have no chance of killing those towers?! Do you realize that this change would pull so many other factors that need to be changed…

Trust people that know what they are talking about when they tell you something is stupid, A-LA-Bring-Old-Divine-Back or A-La-Universal-Stones


Like I mentioned before, if PG would want to encourage longer bases, the easiest way would be through new dragon abilities. Something that penalises putting all your eggs in one basket/island. Maybe a spell that deals damage to towers bases on the hp of other towers on the same island, or like mentioned before a very effective aoe spell that can be used only once per attack run.
Those kind of spells would make it a liability to pack all your best towers together, and would force people to balance packing the biggest punch in one place with the risk of getting that one island wiped out.

Not saying that they should do this, but imho it would have a lot better chance of working than simply boosting/penalizing towers.


Changing the core concept of game kills it


I don’t think when they designed this game they ran away from every challenge they faced :joy: I’m sure you know more about this game as I’ve only been playing about half a year I’ll surely consider your opinions and advice and so forth, still don’t think barreling through only 2 islands is as much fun as destroying a fully developed base, and your chance for a lot more drops when players build out, I’m saying actually build out not throw some half built towers out there.


It’s not changing the core concept, it’s still build a big base and conquer with dragons. No changing of core concepts at all.


Quality over quantity. Something more expensive, higher level and effective vs more somethings that are cheaper, lower level and not as effective. It makes sense as it is and is part of the strategy. Why reward people for not thinking smart?