Incentive for building out instead of up?


Did you even read and try to comprehend what you just replied to?


Why sacrifice one for the other?


Big for me means strong, if it means long then build all level 20 towers as level 90 and have fun watching a level 60 kill your base with a single dragon.


Concentrating your power into a kill island makes sense. You want that island to be an impenetrable fortress not spread out mediocre islands. Not to mention your poor teammates who would have to defend this base not knowing which towers are the stronger ones worth supershotting.


Sorry missed the whole spell thing was reading to much at once yea that seems like a great idea


Yea the curve between base levels is kinda large from 60-100 change all those towers to level 22 though and laugh cause you kill all three of their dragons the health and attack increases substantially at 22 I think maybe 24.


I’m bad at typing my bad


Its exponential increase, hence its build up :man_shrugging:


At this point, @TheRedDelilah can we close this thread please?


Plz dont close it. They are entitled to their opinion.

I dont necessarily agree but there could be more that could expand from this main idea.


If I am reading your graphs correctly, it looks like I should try and get everything to level 40 before starting any level 41+ builds? It looks like the xp gain and time ramp up rather quickly starting at level 41, so it would seem to me that the best bang for my xp gain would be to plateau everything there before going further…

PS - I want a real life dragon!


I don’t think so. A lvl 44 tower has more than twice the power of a lvl 40 tower. And if you look at the total cost of getting a 40 to 44 it’s still much lower than the cost of getting a new tower up to 40. Also, you want your damage output concentrated, so five lvl 44 towers will be much more effective than ten lvl 40 towers, even if the latter were cheaper.


A level 41 tower should be what you aim for on you long middle island only. Once you have all 40s you can start the grind for 42+


sorry to be blunt, but I think you are playing the wrong game. This is not a game to make my base look pretty or “creative”, its war dragon, you build your base so strong that you can knock down drags. How to make it strong IS the creative part. As far as the majority of high lvl’s concern, a short base is strong and its just the logical thing to do. If you want to build something out, Farmville is an excellent game.


The correct way to shake up the meta is to have dragons released who can counter it to a degree. I’d be interested to see the Mythic winds concept developed more, so supershots take more thought than mindlessly hitting mages and storm.

Actually encouraging bad/inefficient bases gets a hard no however.


You know, for somebody with “creators” right next to their name, Im not seeing the creativity =)

This game is billed as a strategy game.

There is currently only one viable strategy when it comes to building a strong base.
(and by the way, thank you for the work you have put into explaining this strategy. It really is a big help, to huge number of people. kudos)

I say a game with only one strategy is not a strategy game at all. Its a boring grinding game.

Sure, what I threw out in the op isnt perfect, but there has to be a way to up the number of viable strategies in this game.

Lets put our heads together and do some brainstorming. Maybe we will get lucky and stumble across something that we/pg feels could fairly allow more than 1 viable base design, add some diversity to base layouts, and increase the entertainment value of the game.


There is a variety of base setups you can use, runes to enhance, and general length and placement within the “short” category.

Building short, strong towers is not a new strategy to games with any type of tower defense games.


I think there’s always room for improvement and making the game have more variety. One could be having different tower combos on a 5 tower island bring different buffs or debuffs. That simple change could bring about a host of minor to major tweaks to base design. :man_shrugging:


Yall need to chill out with all these grumpy ass attitudes cause that aint what this place is for…go to league chat for this crap, dont talk down to a player just because they have a creative side. Its clear what the other side thinks on this subject, there is no need to say the same shit in a different way over and over again. Its clear yall are not trying to help.(some are, the ones that aint know who they are)


Outside of minor variety and tower placement, cough farm placement cough, the short base concept is pretty concrete at this point. The meta of War Dragons doesn’t promote much base variety. Hunters, Warriors, and Sorcerers aren’t hard counters to certain bases like you would see in certain RTS games, that’s why certain dragons perform terribly in wars and others excel. cough Noctua cough Also, the nature of War Dragons and the increasing max level of towers and dragons means that short bases will always excel over long bases, outside of completely maxed out bases.