Incentive for building out instead of up?


This is off-topic, but don’t you feel kinda sad or dispirited that League chats are pictured as a non friendly place, stressful place? :confounded:


Im used to it, i even enjoy it at times…its just boredom for the reason why LC is so hostile, just gotta throw it back because majority of the time its not serious or just testing to see what ur made of :slight_smile:


I would love a switch for lc, really should be part of the parental controls already.

From what I have seen, it only looks like something I might be interested in looking at about 10% of the time. At best. I dont understand why they force it on us. Kinda makes me wonder what it is they gain by making everybody look at it?


Nobody forces anyone to read league chat but i agree they could add a feature to disable LC for anyone who would want it. Personally, if it wasnt for the social aspect of this game to hold me over when times get boring id of quit within the 1st month of starting. There are plenty of nights ill never know what is going on in LC because im too busy with maybe war or atlas.


Auto switching back and forth is forcing you to read it.


Look, if being creative is what youre trying to achieve here, i dont think as many people would say no.

When we talk about bases, we tend to go for the “how do you make the war opponents come back again and again” type of base.

Your base isnt bad, there are plenty of really bad bases out there. And honestly my base may even be worse when i was at your level, and to this day I’m still leaving slots for ice flak and potentially one more projectile.

If the standard being set as how do you make your war opponents come back again and again, @Coach base is better for that matter. One obsidian dragon follow up can clear up pretty good for yours. Again, I’m not bashing your base layout. Just need to know what youre trying to achieve. If for creativity, all kinds of solutions is welcomed. For me, i would like to experiment with Ballista with full research. But its gonna be too expensive for me to finish all ballista research just for an experiment, a 350k tokens experiment. So i stick to tower levels as high as i can achieve on at least one island. It’s just i dont think your base would make opponent come back for the same amount of times if defended compared to coach, or the build short build high approach.

A side note, have you noticed how many bases in NMO and Dread, as well as JapaneeZe (can never remember how many e are there), their levels are much higher than what their current short base layout would imply. Did they make huge mistakes? No. Its likely that they found shorter maxed bases very viable for defense.

P.S please look at the mage limit on any given base. 5 red 5 blue. How many islands are there? 7 islands + 1 tower slot on farm island.

What does that mean? No double mages on every island. What does that mean? Lololol


You just said one follow up obsidian will clean me up, i dont think anyone would deny this…but i deny the fact that coach kills 2 obsidians back to back to back like you are leading me to believe. Lets not even go into how skilled the attackers were, lets just say emerald tier is overkill. -with that being said, i believe coach has the most difficult and well efficient defense for his level in the entire game…i just also feel there is still room to be creative and do well enough where its worth coming from your own idea. I am no virgin to double noc kills btw, i just also know if it had been skilled flyers it might not even take 2 against me, if im defending alone.


My base isnt longer than most of nmos, japs, etc…unless u just wanna count blue at the start which aint gonna do anything ti help attacker unless something like quick enough with borg and strong enough to kill short island towers in 1 thunderbolt


I’m not sure that anybody under level 350 should be even close to that length. It takes at least 304 levels if you play an absolutely flawless game to get your 10 middle island towers up to level 55 plus a red mage with the farm cluster.

If you are under 350 and trying to have the same base length as the biggest players in the game I think your base has suffered power wise.

Just my opinion based on my recent full base building adventure :wink:


I’ll be happy to fly my noc on your base with you defending and see :slight_smile:


Doesnt matter, 2 dragons multiplies the potential instead of only adding. With a short base 1st dragon literally only needs to sand up to 4 towers at most majority of the time. Best i could do when i tried to solo him with Spindra though was kill 1st 3 towers and thats it. I dont think he could solo me either, but 2 sure…

  • Thing about being the best, everything has a counter and when u have 2 dragons to work with almost any base can be taken down.


And yes in my previous post I think I was sure that if wanna be creative and not for war tough, there’s a lot of room!


I literally just said its possible to solo me with Noc…but yes i never turn down a chllenge so please, bring it to me @ToNyRen …i assume u remember the screenshot for alliance details to find me. Going to game


Lol I have killed 2 obsidians on coach’s base. If I’m mistaken your thoughts, my bad. I thought you said your base drops noctua just fine lol

PS I can be home in about 15 mins, stuck in the rain of New York City


I’m not leading you to believe anything… defend coach base and you’ll see what goes through under what circumstance… creative is fine! But I’m not leading you to believe that he can always kil obsidian, I’m not sure where you have read that. Please quote me


I do believe that u killed 2 noc, 2 obsidian, thought that was clear in my previous posts but just so it is crystal clear…i think coachs base is slightly better than mine, the more he catches up to my level the harder it will be to remain a rival for him. I dont know what more i can say to get it across that i know im fluffy with the towers i have stored, i also know that i am behind on my builders hut.

With that bein said i know i can drop some dragons, especially ones on autopilot…i was simply trying to express that im proud of my base because its mine, unlike any other and of my own ideas and understanding. All that while also being able to perform against obsidian confirms my claim that…

Maybe im just misunderstood, but honestly the only reason why i see myself as just as good even if his dp is higher is just the fact both of us could pretty easily use 2 dragons against the other…i have only led with spindra against him recently and i took the opportunity he gave me to learn. I can assure you he did the same and greatly improved with defending against me. Every counter i had for his adaptation he had another for me to get around until finally im stuck only able to kill first 3 towers, if im being honest, my best(most fun) battles are against coach.


I would love to try this man! :slight_smile:

I’ve killed 2 and 3 obsidians in my base plenty of times before, were they all the best flier in the game? No, but some were darn good.

In my eyes our bases are not even close to similar difficulty. I’m just being honest, I’m sorry.


Ill see u in game? Waiting for ur hit


Sorry you had lag bro. We can try again when you fix your internet.:slight_smile:

Also keep your team in check lol


Oh God!! I just realized my base is not boosted! Who knows for how long this thing wasn’t boosted and still shooting obsidians down lol!