Inconsistent prices


This is something that’s been bothering me for a long time but haven’t had much time to bring it up. This game is full of offers that are inconsistent with one another and it literally seems they are strictly meant to scam new players.

Egg Tokens

One example of this is 250 egg tokens for 1k rubies, this is literally a scam there is no other way of looking at it. PG is valuing 1k tokens at 4k rubies which we all know is far from its value. I’m not saying the value should be comparable to the value of egg missions because those you have to work for, but the evaluation of 1:4 is insane no matter how you look at it.

Speed ups

Another dumb example of this is the ability to speed up buildings/incubating eggs with rubies. This is one is even more inconsistent. In the forge we have a speed up pack that gives 455 hours worth of speed ups for 5900 rubies, this is a direct trade of currency that values 1 hour at about 13 rubies (Some people will say that’s not even worth it). So if the direct trade between rubies and speed ups is 1:13 why the hell when you speed up a building or eggs the rate goes anywhere from 1:18 to 1:36? That’s an insane difference that will end up costing you about twice as much. Also let me add that when you incubate an egg with rubies, it doesn’t even ask you for confirmation, if you happen to miss click you will lose thousands of rubies.

Pricing of rubies

Last i want to address the deceptive tactic of having rubies incredibly overpriced when you buy them from the resource tab at the store. They claim that 20k rubies is worth 100 USA dollars yet they have packs all year around offering 35k rubies with additional prices for the same $100 dollars. This is solidly so they can come up with misleading tactics and claim the packs have a 75% discount, they even have a timer on them to mislead new players even further. I’m almost certain this is against the deceptive rules of the google play store.

I’m sure there a few more things that I forgot to mention but these I believe are the three biggest ones. The only players who will ever make use of these features are,

1. New players that don’t know any better.
2. Old players that missclicked
3. Hackers

Literally i don’t even understand why this features are still in the game, their only purpose is to screw up players that don’t know or that made an unfortunate tap.


i never knew that if i misclicked on an incubating egg, it would use up all my rubies :open_mouth: thats kinda scary to think about.

and multiple times, when i open the app, there will be a big ad for the 50$ or 100$ value packs. i have accidentally clicked on those and had a panic attack. luckily, i was able to cancel the purchase. it would be nice to not have a heart attack whenever i open the app lol.


Yup, depending on how much you spend you may or may not get your rubies back, support is extremely bias on this. A big spender from my team got 11k rubies back not long ago yet to me they completely denied giving me back 6k rubies which in all honestly I don’t care much about but it goes to show how different they treat their costumers.


And they will not even compensate even if you say you accidentally pressed the shitty speedup by ruby feature.

L - M - F - H - A - O.


A guy from my team accidentally used the feature and got compensation


Im not a spender, less priority. Who the hell in the right mind would use 6k rubies to speedup a building knowing he has 11 months worth of timer.


well if you are rushing and individually using 12 hour timers and suddenly tap the ruby button and directly accepted the confirmation, that’s pretty much your fault…

There’s a add multiple button for a reason.


That’s just an assumption you made, no I just completely pressed by accident wasn’t even trying to speed it up. Either way it is my fault I agree on that and this thread was not meant to discuss whether or not PG should compensate players who use it on accident, rather why are any of these options even there? The only people who will ever use them on purpose are new players. So either way PG is scamming players out of their hard earned rubies/money.


Not to be an apologist for PG because I do think that some of their practices are deceptive (more about that at the end). But I don’t necessarily think it’s a problem that they charge different “rates” for things in different areas of the game. Other companies do the same thing. They give a bigger discount if you buy “in bulk” or if you buy “up front” (or at a different time). They also often advertise a kind of fake “list price” that is inflated just to be able to show that the price they are selling it for someplace else is a really good deal. It’s all games but it’s kind of what you expect from stores in general. The thing that bothers me is when they offer a certain deal to some customers but not others. I know it’s legal, but it still bugs me.

The other thing I have a problem with is the “loot boxes”. It bothers me that they still haven’t responded to Apple’s demand that Apps disclose the odds of winning certain things in loot boxes. I know that’s got to be a tough one for them to work out internally, whether to comply with the requirement or change their way of doing business to avoid it. But it’s just not setting well with me that they are avoiding the question for so long.


If you are talking about the deceptive pricing of rubies to claim discounts, sure other people do it, no respectable game would ever do it.

If you are talking about the exchange between speed ups and rubies, no game ever does this, at least i cant think of one so perhaps you could enlighten me. This might be excusable in an RPG where you might need to travel further to get a discounted item so in essence you are putting in more work. Still i cant think of any rpg that still does this.

yes thats what an actual discount should look like, not what I was referring to.

This is the literal definition of deception, and like I said before some games might do it, but no respectable game would ever do it. Is kind of like, what kind of game do we want WD to be?

About the loot boxes, i think your best bet is to send a message to apple and find out from the directly, PG will avoid it for as long as they can.


All i see is “Boohoo i don’t have anyone to blame for a mistake that i made so this must be PG’s fault”


Literally two things on a shelf with differnt prices, and one is cheaper than tbe other, is the most basic of strategy.

As there are less ways to be more combat strategic, resource investment strategy is basically what’s left. Take that away it really is just a bunch of I win buttons.

I have no issue with many prices. Anyone who bothers to check can easily find the value. Anyone who doesn’t care I’m happy letting them fund tbe game.


Than you must not be reading properly because the original post had nothing to do with a mistake I made a while back, that’s something that I stated later on in response to someone’s post.

Also let me add this is more to help newer players than anything else.


No it isn’t? If you are talking about the rubies, sure that a deceptive feature that some games use, as stated above no respectable game who aims to grow will ever use it.

Lol players in this game consider everything to be somehow a strategy, sorry to tell you but figuring out which one is cheaper is not a strategy is just common sense. Just as it should be common sense that 2 ingame currencies should not have different exchange rate depending on which bottom you click. Having a single exchange rate in both places does not make it an I win button lmfao…


I’d love to hear why you think it’s not the most basic of strategy.

Any idiot who walks in and sees two clearly marked prices and chooses to spend more deserves what he’s getting.

It’s quite another thing If it’s deceptive labeling(mail in rebate required, membership required or other small print hiding the truth of the matter)

But in general the prices are clearly marked. Only thinks with luck are sort of deceptive, and the odds are not very consistent and well published in forums.

So I’m not sure by what point you disagree. I guess agree to disageee.

I’m referring to all things. Both the spender and the grinder have limited resources and will find better competitive edge by maximizing their resources. (Rubys, shards, sigils, gold, whatever)

Common sense isn’t so common, and can still be strategy. There are numerous ways to leverage various price points that aren’t so obvious. It’s still strategy even if it’s obvious.

Sorry to tell you but your statement isn’t technically correct, although I understand your sentiment.

You just said this was common sense, so I’m not sure what issue you take here. Why would you just not press the better price button?

Having no chioices to make that determine your success does. And leveraging pricepoints is definitely a strategy if you admit it or not.

Feel free to agree to disagree.

I for one will continue leveraging my resources in the most efficient way I can, while watching people who still don’t. And I don’t have any problem with this.


Wow, I can’t believe they literally came out with an announcement disclosing loot box odds right after I posted this. :joy:
Gotta give them props. Good for them!


Okay lets do baby steps, so lets separate the Money for rubies and the rubies for timers we cant put them both together like you are doing because they are both wrong for different reasons.

Money for Rubies, Ill give you a simple example why this is a deceptive tactic that could potentially turn away new players. Lets say you just downloaded the game and played on and off for a week, you decide to spend $20 after you decide you like it, all of the sudden you see every offer has an incredibly 80% discount, so fuck it, lets tight up my weeks spending a bit and invest $100 now. A month later the same offer is still there so basically you realize you got played.

Is just not a tactic any self respectable company would use, and I challenge you to go find a top tier game that uses this.

As for Rubies for timers difference, I honestly cant believe I’m arguing this one. So in other words a player would just have to assume from the start that the game is out to screw you up before you buy anything? Sure for an active player like you or me this is a no brainier we know whats worth it and whats not. For a new casual player there is no reason for them to assume that there would be 2 different prices in 2 different locations.

Again I challenge you to find any game that does this.

As for been able to invest resources in a proactive way, there are plenty of ways to do this already such as following breeding guides, building guides, event guides and overall understanding of the game. You do not need to screw up new/casual players, there are already plenty of advantages in spending your resources wisely in ways that do not deceive or scam others.


Guess they listened to you xd


I think the timer on the loot purchases actually pertain to the event/type of chest being dropped. I know when I have a breeding or feeding event going, I tend to open chests for the food packs, while I will hold PvP drops (energy and inner fire) and wait for the event to change to change the type of chest drops.


Napkin, can you please fix your title? It’s prices, not “priceis”.