Inconsistent prices


Yup the side prizes changes every-time the timer expires and I was reluctant as to whether or not I should’ve point that out. I decided to ignore this since a new player coming into the game would not be aware of that. I think is more about what kind of game PG wants to create, and if they really want to grow the player base, the relationship between company and costumer should be one of trust from the beginning.


If it’s a misclick and the player doesn’t have a history of consistent “misclicks” we do occasionally return rubies.


I sent you a mail to discuss this claim since I really don’t want this post to be about my ticket but ill leave a response from support that directly contradicts your statement in here just in case others have also gotten it.

I think this is fine, if it was actually true, I know exceptions are made on bigger spenders.

The real issue is not whether or not support returns the rubies, the issue is why are this offers even there to begin with? maybe they were made at a time when it made sense but I really don’t see the point of them anymore. I know for a fact that this kind of things can turn away new players.

Every feature should have a benefit of some sort, if a feature does not offer any benefit what-so ever than is it really worth having?


This is so freaking true.

Lemme go a while back…
I explained myself that time. 1st time i ask for return of ruby is because ive been stuck on the atlas tutorial for almost a day and support replies for hours and just keeps probing the issue. Been going on for almost a day so i got tired, i used my rubies to lvl that primarch so i can move on from tutorial. I intentionally used the 4500 rubies, and expected nothing in return anymore but yall understand my frustration and inconvenience so i was credited.

2nd time. I will repeat, I have 11 months or whatever amount worth of timer, it was by accident that my rubies was used for speedig up an upgrade. In any circumstances there is no way a player would spend 6k rubies on an upgrade knowing he has tons of timers. And i was not credited. If i spend 6k rubies and asking 10k rubies i would accept that as an abuse. But no. Ive been playinng for 1 and half year, and those are the only times i asked for a favor, and got rejected. How would i not feel rejected “unprioritized”. This is very poor judgement.


Actually, you’ve submitted 86 tickets. Checking them for “compensate me” pulls up a rather large number. They probably said no because you’ve asked for a refund in the past and you’ve sent in a large number of tickets asking for comp.


Im guessing you are referring to Zazrak but that was defiantly not my case.


I played more than a year that time, one and half year player now.

1 intentional Ruby usage due to system fault (cant move from tutorial , 1 day and still not fixed) , do i even consider this resolved on the support end? Absolutely not, and yes prolly I sent 20 tickets just for that problem alone! Because it should be an easy fix or like what i keep suggesting to support let my use my ruby so i can LVL UP my primarch to lvl 3 . Because again there is no way u can farm gold and xp during tutorial how in peter pans world can u lvl up the primarch AGAIN for the tutorial quest, hence u cannot move forward. But thank you support for crediting the rubies. All rants gone.

Then second refund request i have for rubies, accidental use for speeding an upgrade. Denied. Totally denied. And then i keep seeing and hearing people getting refund on those instances? OuTrageous. How would i not feel like elite players or non spender are less prioritized?

Like what napkin said, those buttons has no business being there if it isnt even beneficial to a player more like a scam. First timers might upgrade or buy egg tokens using rubies. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting:. Yeah thats their reason why they arent moving those buttons.


Jared said “Occasionally” not “Every player has 1 refund redeemable when an accident happens”

And besides, what would letting players know that it’s okay to refund stuff when something happens do? It’s very easy to abuse. Hell, i’d ask for a refund of my rubies i have spent on gold chests if i get stuff i don’t like if i can. Know what i mean?


Right and support said no exceptions were made, that’s a big difference from “occasionally” so yes they are contradicting each other.

Sure a player might abuse it one time, but like jared said they can check your history and easily determine if you are abusing it or not.

Again this thread isn’t meant to discuss whether or not support should refund gems, rather whether or not are the features mentioned above are worth keeping and whether they do more harm than good to the game itself and the player base.



There are people who have played far longer and submitted far fewer tickets. Also, of people who submitted more than 75 tickets, the amount of tickets demanding comp vs not are significantly different between you and the mean.


Ok this is not going anywhere, I dont want to rant about the past anymore… moving forward…

So my question is, why is that button still there?


I have to say my CAT walked across my ipad and managed to speed up my incubating dragon smh thankfully she used speeds not rubies lol… but seriously the option should only be there if you dont have enough speeds


Because what if I am out of timers and really need this building done. It’s nice to have the option, even if it is overpriced. It’s an incentive to save and use speedups over the CC.

As Jared said above, as long as you don’t abuse your ability to request a refund, you might actually get one when you legitimately screw up.


There might be people who reason something outrageous mistakes like “I simply put my phone in my pocket and it accidentally purchased a $99 value pack. Please refund”


What we can get rubies back? I screwed up several times accidently pushing the ruby button instead of timers and just said to myself it was a stupid mistake, but my fault for going to fast. Next time I guess I should do a ticket.


In that situation if I were PG I would tell them to contact Apple or Google, and those companies can see if you also “accidentally” inserted your password in the process.


you are the perfect example of what I meant by people who simple don’t know. You can trade speed ups for rubies instantly in the forge at a much cheaper price so there really is no incentive to use that feature at all unless you simple don’t know.

What Jared said and what support said are 2 very different statements.

You don’t need a ticket to refund a purchase, this has literally nothing to do support. You can buy a package intentionally and get a refund no questions ask.


In game goodies are refundable by pg. monetary purchases are refundable by apple.


In the situation it worked out for me, my wife accidentally salvaged the legendary rune for Aibrean. She has played for over a year and never submitted a ticket for anything. So she submitted a ticket and got her rune back. But she hasn’t abused it so it seems fair to me.

Yep, forgot about that even though I buy them fairly regularly. Anyway, I don’t really care about the inconsistencies because I don’t ever push that button to speed up for rubies. PG isn’t required to make everything fair and equal. Maybe the speedups in the forge are on sale and they forgot to take down the sale. Shhhh… before they catch on and raise the price to be equivalent with their “normal prices.”


Sorry mate i dont think you understand the point.