Inconsistent prices


Right so you agree the feature has no benefit what so ever since you don’t ever use it, new casual players might use it cause they simply don’t know. Why have a feature that’s basically there to set back players who either pressed it by accident or even worst new players that are still learning the game.

I agree, they are not require to do anything, but I think for the future and improvement of the game they should remove the extra features that simply don’t offer any benefit and does more harm than good to the player base.


I agree the feature has no benefit to you and me, but is has the benefit of perceived value for PG. Buying the speedup pack in the forge rather than spending gems directly to speedup gives the pack a perception of value. PG has no obligation to change their sales tactics, particularly since it’s not much different than what you might see daily in brick and mortar stores. It is the responsibility of the consumer to make sure they are getting the best deal available, not the seller.


You will never go to a store and find 2 different prizes for the same item unless someone had made a mistake in which case they would fix it. On top of that most companies would match prices, meaning that if you find the same item in another retailer that has a physical store, they will give it to you at that same price.

And like I stated before no other game will ever have this and I challenge anyone to find an example of this in a different game, specially a top tier game that values its players. I already agreed PG has no obligation to change this, but like I stated before

I don’t think the extra profit PG makes from these features could possibly have more value over the overall profit they could make if they are honest and true to their players. Again this is just small pockets of profits that they are making off of newer players and accidental taps.


More consistent pricing wouldn’t kill their profits, but it would decrease the aura of used car dealership, and possible increase player goodwill. If there’s a chance that the pricing discrepancies are unintentional, maybe they’ll review them. Sadly, we’ve come to expect sharp business practices from mobile game companies, but it’s far from universal in the industry.

Whatever comes this post remains a needed warning to new or incautious players to price multiple ways of doing a thing and spend their rubies and cash cannily.


Of course you do. BOGO deals, buying an item individually or as part of a set, buying the same exact item but with a different color. You aren’t actually buying the same thing in-game. In the case of speedups, you are buying the convenience of not having to quit your operation, go to the forge, buy the pack and then continue to speedup the task. Not to mention if you need only 8 days and 17 minutes to complete your build, you can’t actually buy that exact speedup count in the forge (yes I realize it is significantly more in forge). As far as another game that does it, I played both Heroes of Camelot and Reign of Dragons and they did something similar in their store. It’s all about perception. You perceive it as dishonesty and thievery, others probably view it as getting a better/smarter deal if they buy the forge pack or store packs and prizes.

Again, it is the responsibility of the consumer to know what they are buying and as far as accidental taps, Jared said above that as long as you don’t accidentally tap regularly, then you have a shot at a refund.

Anyway, that’s my view and I know you don’t agree which is fine. I honestly don’t care if they change it or not, I doubt they will since I see the perception of value as being in their favor. I seriously doubt the amount they make off of uninformed and accidental purchases is of much consequence. However, I do reserve the right to be wrong.


You are confusing buying things in a bundle and or a pack to directly trading 2 currencies. I played heroes of camelot they don’t have anything similar to this and im 100% sure of that so please do tell what you think is similar, as for reign of dragons I cant say for sure but I can look it up later today and I’m sure is not the case, a quick look up already tells me is not even a slightly popular game.

If you have to play a game to constantly be on your toes because several features are out of sync with each other than is probably not a good game. Is not about getting a better or smarter deal, currency exchanges in every game should be in sync with each other, I know games that have over 100 different currency’s and they have better sync between them than PG does between the 10 or so currency they have. Is literally something every gamer expects. Like I stated before there are plenty of ways to pull ahead by spending smarter already.

If you cant agree that every feature should have at the very least 1 benefit to it, than I don’t know what logic would work with you.


i forgot to add once again, this is like the 4th time you have said this, Jared said they do it occasionally yet support says they don’t do it ever anymore. “No exceptions”, so i wouldn’t take what Jared said for granted.


This is a game designed for profits and there is a science to getting people to spend their money.

Don’t misunderstand that things aren’t “marketed” a certain way intentionally. A huge part of mobile gaming is the psychology behind how the mind works and how to bring out the addictive personalities of people.

I agree PG is a little over the top with greed, but that’s just opinion. Remember though, this is a "for profit’ company and if they choose to be greedy and push a fan base away, that’s their decision, whether you or I agree with it.


Like I said before I honestly don’t believe profit is even a reason for these features to stay, I doubt any of these features makes them any sizable profit. I honestly believe they would make even more if these features are either removed or have a better scale. Specially rubies for tokens, this is a feature that could make them a ton of money if scaled properly, instead is ignored because of how bad it is.


You misunderstand me I think. Those items you refer to are not for people to purchase and make a profit (generally speaking). They are there for the psychology aspect of marketing.

If they removed them, then they aren’t applying the psychology of how things work. Mobile games, profitable ones, are dialed in on what it takes to make players spend money, it’s a huge push in gaming. People aren’t buying those packs, but it’s a factor in the way people think towards buying other items. It’s also a reason many games are now doing micro transactions (same type of system), compared to a one time purchase cost like things used to be.

Go read… it’s crazy how involved mobile games are into creating ways to make us subconsciously spend. This isn’t my belief, this is fact from knowing many mobile/micro transaction game lead developers and hearing them vent how “Making money by creating addiction” has ruined gaming for them. They no longer get to build a “fun game”, it’s more about how to trap people into spend money.


Here is another example: Retail.

If say, a shirt cost $100 daily, and it goes on sell at 70% off, people buy it.

If said shirt had no retail, and was marketed at $30.00, there is no perceived value/deal to capitalize on.


Exactly what Ryder is saying. I think it was sears who tried a “we’re no longer doing any sales, everything will just me marked at a low price.” It didn’t end well and they had to change their policy pretty quickly.


Oh i got you, yes I agree, although I think that only applies to the to my third point of Rubies for money, I don’t think it applies to the other two as much.

I agree 100% that is a marketing strategy and I’ve seen a ton of games doing it but I cant think of any high profile game that does it. I think we can agree PG makes most of their money from players that are already established and already know that this discounts are not “real” in the sense that they are always there.

This kind of marketing really is only directed towards deceiving new players that actually think they are getting a deal, and I think is a fine marketing strategy for smaller games but I think at this stage of the app PG would benefit more from keeping new players that might other wise leave if they are pissed off for been lied to.

This kind of situation happens often, specially from players that don’t really play many app games and are not expecting to be deceived. In reality PG is not fooling anyone except new players, anyone who already spends will keep spending just as much and PG might even make more profit creating an inviting environment rather than a deceptive marketing strategy that will likely end up losing them potential players/spenders.

Right that’s pretty dumb, but a sale should be a limited time offer, I do not disagree with the concept of sales overall, but when the sale is on 24/7 is no longer a sale instead is basically a slap in the face to any new player that decided to expend more because of it.


I get what you’re saying Napk1n and I’m not a professional game designer to understand how it all works. The design is all about luring new players into a game and developing the addiction or desire to grow in game - Examples

New Player - PG wants to just get them involved in the game and not scare them off.

  1. They offer new player packages (Cheap sometimes) to entice them to spend.
  2. Progression is quick (Keeps them engaged)
  3. If said new player buyers a pack because they perceive it as a deal or sale, they see incredible results (since it’s easy to breed and level at lower teirs/tower levels), making that pack a great value as they get several dragons/tower levels quickly.

Middle Level Player - The game is already getting addictive to most. (Lets say levels 100-150 most likely and close to Sapphire teir or just started it)

  1. They realize what packs are the best values, and purchase them for growth even knowing it’s not a deal anymore since it’s always offered. (Growth is still decent for the cost of a pack)
  2. They are completely engaged in the game at this point or are considering quitting because progression is slow (AKA “The Wall”)
  3. E2P players are excepting the fact they will have slow progression from here on out and enjoy the game for the grind and are ok not being a top player on the team.
  4. A player wants to be competitive and steps up his spending to continue growing quicker than others.

High End Players - Fully engaged (Say 150-200 +)

  1. At this point, a player has already decided they are an E2P (mostly) or a spender.
  2. The amount spent by spenders is basically depending on wallet sizes and how competitive/addicted they have become.
  3. Even an E2P player will get caught up in keeping up with team mates and spend occasionally.

Overall, PG wins…

But that’s the basics behind the way things are structured.


I agree a sale is appealing but Im not arguing against sales, look at it this way, I recently moved to a new house, close to the plaza near my house there was a store with a huge sign saying everything was 50% off. I was like shit I wanna check it out, it ended up been a suit store so I bought a blazer and a couple of ties. A month went buy and that sign was still there, one year later the sign is still there, i don’t even enter the store anymore… True story I can take a picture of it tmr lol


It brought you in once… and they hope you return next time you need something since you’re aware of them now. Retail work more on impulse compared to addictions… different.


Most sales exist solely to create a sense of urgency and convince someone they need to buy now or they will miss out. In most cases the prices are inflated so that the sale price is the normal price, because it sells better that way.

There are of corse other reasons to have a sale, but they almost always trade something for the reduced cost, such as predictable (forecastable) future sales, minimum volume (bulk), removing excess inventory, the product wasn’t selling at its intended price, etc.

Very few reasons that sales exist are conducive to limited time offers, but all of them benefit from the perception of a limited time offer.


I’m not saying this game is badly structured because is not, you are right there are plenty of ways to get a player hooked into the game. I merely saying that these specific features have a higher chance at alienating the player rather than making him like the game.

Like I’ve said multiple times, top tier games don’t even use deceptive strategy’s because they know its not the proper way of building a community. Clash of clans don’t even offer you a single discount when you start playing yet is one of the biggest if not the biggest mobile game.

Is completely fine to offer packages to new players, although I believe the only exclusive package they get is ember. The problem becomes when the discount feels like a slap in the face.

Yup it got me once, but I will never enter it again.


I agree man, but it’s the PG model and it works for them.

There is a reason they are very profitable, whether we like the practices or not.


I agree eidolon, except that either way when is not a limited time is simply not a sale, here is the definition of a sale,

“a period during which a retailer sells goods at reduced prices.”

Also lets remember this isn’t a store retailer, they have to pay for the goods in order to make a % of the sale. When items do go on sale they make a smaller % but at a great quantity. They are likely overpriced to begin with but as the costumer you still feel like you got a good deal and would eventually come back again. In this case I doubt anyone feels like they got a good deal when the sale is still there a month later.