Inconsistent prices


Why though? I’m assuming it was an experience you had with them, not the fact they promoted 50% off to long. You wouldn’t enter any company really if that was the case lol


Cause I felt like I was getting a really good deal, now I feel they are just a cheap store. The regular stores I shop in do have 50% or 35% off from lasts season items they never have a 50% discount off of everything. For reference my fav shoes stores are “Aldo” and “Call it spring” and for clothing “Zara” and “jacknJones”, somehow I feel I went off topic.


LOL it’s all good, I get interested in mindsets of people.

However, you just said the reason you won’t shop there is you realize they are a cheap store (Low Quality?) and the sale lured you in.

If it ended up being a store to your liking you would probably of continued to shop. Kinda like this game, if a player enjoyed it they continue to play and possibly spend, or quit if they don’t.

Self reflection, what level are you? How long have you been playing? The big question, why are you still playing even though the sales upset you :slight_smile:

My guess is addiction (whether admitted or not)


nah the blazer I bought I defiantly liked it, like I just felt like they were lying to me from the start so I don’t feel like giving them any more money.

Lets once again point out a key difference, the store and an app game are different, it might have lured me in with a sale sign to check it out but for this app if you see the sale sign it means you are already playing the game and completed the tutorial which btw is a long ass tutorial and they should allow to skip some pointless steps.

135, under a year. E2P

Sales don’t upset me but like I mentioned above their packs are technically not a sale because they are not a limited time.

As to why I’m still playing, I fucking love this game, I think is a well made game overall that’s why I bother to come in here and ask for changes, nothing id like more than to see the community grow and I do feel like this game has a ton more potential if PG does things slightly better.


Would you speedup using ruby worth 2k ruby? 3k ? 4k? …


Not sure I understand your question.


PG uses all of the same predatory practices that EA does, and then some. The way PG functions now preys on gambling based addictions and should be criminal (loot boxes for example are currently in the court system now for just such reasons).

There are all sorts of “tricks” and “gimmicks” in the game that add no value to the game its self and are specifically in place to scam the players.

For example… PG knows very well that all of the advice they give on the in-game splash screens is bogus advice that is actually counter to what the players should be doing in the game.

  • Unlock all your islands right away
  • Spread out and build as far as you can to maximize your damage potential
  • etc…

We have known for a long time that these are exactly the opposite of what new players should be doing, and yet they still haven’t removed them… why? Because leading players down the wrong path brings them extra money when they try to buy their way back to the correct path, or keep dropping cash because they simply can’t keep up with anyone.

The entire game is designed to pilfer the players out of their cash with no regard to how it actually effects the game play.

Why is it that obsidian and harbinger players can sit back in gold tier exactly? There is no way a normal gold player could ever hope to take their base, for that matter the entire gold team working together couldn’t hope to take out a high level players base.

Instead of dumping everyone back to gold tier as the default why wouldn’t they put caps on it. For example instead of a harbinger tiered player going all the way back to gold, why wouldn’t they just default them to Diamond1 or something along those lines.

All of this is to “encourage” players to pay to progress their characters. Its horribly destructive to the overall gameplay and progression, yet it remains in the game because PG makes money off those bad game mechanics.

Just like EA, PG has demonstrated time and time again that they could care less about the game play or the player base, and are focused entirely on money. The important take away from this is that in order to get the changes made to the game that you desire, you must impact their income stream in order for them to take notice. So if you guys are unhappy with something PG is doing, stop giving them money to do. Otherwise, you have to accept that by spending money when they do things that you hate, you are telling them that it is actually what you want the game to be. If you continue spending money on the game while complaining in the forums, then you will never get the changes you desire. Stop spending money on PG if you want them to listen and take you seriously.


Correct , correct, correct , correct, correct, correct , correct , correct , correct, 100x correct!

I bet someone will comment again “play another game instead” lmao.


I agree with everything that you said, but i also give them credit when they deserve it, this log in tips have recently improved, I believe it was crisis the one who finally listened to players? I could be wrong but I know they have been changing them lately to a more positive message.


“Gaming the Gamer”

This is a long read, but I think some here might find it interesting enough to read the entire paper.


Whoah where’d the topic go


@Sovereigntyx79 You killed it with the long read xd.

I don’t think this topic will go anywhere because PG will obviously ignore it, and most of the people who play this game are already used to the insanity of some of the things that goes on in this game. Some people even tried to defend these features as “normal”, which they can be, depending on your standards.

Fact is very few people in this community actually play other games and so they have set their expectations low. I know far more popular games that would get crucified in stone if they pulled some of those “testing experiments” that PG have been doing lately.

I read a post a few days ago that basically summarizes this game

is basically the same as I stated a few times

I’ve accepted I should just enjoy the game while it lasts, is a great way to kill time when I got nothing to do at work. Lmfao


Very good points. I got interested in seeing where this thread would go for the psychological aspects. Also it’s not easy to points things out blatantly without being banned so I hope this topic keeps going and people will contribute to the viewpoints.

And yeah don’t get scared off by the “long read” :joy:


Fascinating read, thanks!


This was indeed an interesting read, thank you! So much of what is in there pertains to War Dragons, it was really fascinating.

I was particularly interested reading sections that discussed:

  • how games condition us to grind
  • how we have difficulty assessing the value of fake currencies
  • sunk-cost biases (we keep spending money because to do otherwise means admitting prior investments were a waste)
  • the triple exploitation of scarce resource biases (we can compete like crazy to get them), problems understanding statistics, and the bias in favor of completing tasks we already feel we are underway on (like a sigil line)
  • And finally, this line, where Soraker says “It seems as if some game companies have forgotten that gamers can spend the same amount of money and hours because of the game being FUN, and then, gamers will recommend the game to their friends because the game is fun. Instead, many games resort to the tactics above to MAKE gamers spend their time and money DESPITE lack of fun…” (p. 116)

I am not saying I think War Dragons has become totally un-fun, but it’s getting there. That sunk-cost bias has been, for me, a particular motivator to keep playing. And that was okay when I was having tons of fun. But as things become less fun to to scaling issues and glitches and unreasonably slow progress for moderate spending (subjective, I know), now that I’m aware of it, it won’t be.


Good to see you guys enjoying the paper. Share it. Like he suggests, one of the ways to keep gaming companies honest and ethical is with players who possess the knowledge of what to watch out for…


Came back to cite this but looks like the site has locked the article to purchase :pensive:. I’ll have to see if I can find another copy. Not sure if I downloaded it but will look.


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