Incorrect final XP

I just did an assisted attack and on checking the XP total it appears to be applied wrongly and is missing some xp off the final total. I did a few more runs and they all have lower final xp than they should!

The figures are here
Starting xp 145,190
Attack 2,070 x 4
Ally bonus 828
Elite bonus 6,830
Total run xp = 15,938

Add 15,938 to 145,190 and get 161,128, however, the dragon shows 160,050 which is a loss of 1,078 xp.

Anyone else notice or having this problem?



Are the numbers you’re giving from the same run? 2,07041.75 = 14,490
The easiest way would be to just screenshot before, post-run, and after. Support would likely ask for it as well.

At higher levels, a 1k difference won’t show due to showing in millions to the second decimal, so I have no idea :see_no_evil:

The numbers are in the thousands and from a single run.
Starting xp is the xp on the dragon right before the run.
the attack, ally & bonus are after the run on the end screen and then just totaled up.

I then added the total to the start xp for what should be the final xp after the run but then looking at the dragon it shows 1k less than expected.

I have done a load of runs since and always get less than shown when a team mate joins in.

I can understand rounding when you get into millions but not at a hundred thousand and the display only drops the units digit, so 15.09k or 145.89k is shown. So I would think rounding is only in single digits not hundreds or thousands and 1k would not be rounded.

I haven’t tested it on solo runs to see if I get less xp.

Here are 3 screenshots showing a 1.4k loss of xp
Run was done with assistance by 1 teammate.
As you can see starting xp is 20,680
The run xp totals to 18,848
Finish xp is showing as 38,140 or 38.14k
The correct finish xp should be 39,528 or 39.52k if rounding, missing ~1.4k

@pgCampusLifer, @PGEggToken, @PGDraco, @pgEcho,

It does look a little off. I’ve reported it for investigation (61575).

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