Incorrect placement of teams in next round

Has anyone else been seeing teams the should not be promoted based on the results of the round being sorted into higher levels? I saw a couple times teams i was sure would not move up with us be promoted. This last round i took screen shots of results after round ended and after the initial few minutes when everything is jumbled. I verified a team was promoted with the results showing they should not have been. I created a ticket but wondering how many other leagues are seeing the same thing.


I haven’t seen it in my league personally, but I’ve had it happen in the past when I was running my own team.
It’s super frustrating. I’m not sure if there is just a major push from the winning team in the last few moments or if it’s a visual glitch or what causes it, but opening a ticket is the best way to go about it.

Hopefully they give you an answer as to what happened. :heart:

As far as I know, it also happened in fight pits in July and September. I sent a ticket and wrote it in the forum, but it hasn’t been fixed yet.

From what I have seen it is always the team that is immediately below the cut off. Something about the top place to stay in the pits. Not sure if the glitch is they are sending an extra team to the keep or not showing the players the extra team they intend to promote.

For example, in 14th round, 5 teams were in pit.
1st to 3rd teams should be promoted to keep, but 4th team was also promoted and only 5th team remain in pit.

This happened in both my main and Alt leagues.

I’ve seen this in the pit. The team directly below the promotion line is being promoted to the keep during the next round in my league.