Incorrect prim buff still


I have been on several teams that many a player haven’t got a clue how to navigate or use Atlas. They wouldn’t know to check their stats if they can’t even figure out Atlas. @Zikiru has a point about players outside the forum.

Getting someone to read guides is a trick in itself. Why is everyone so surprised she made the comment she did? Is everyone on teams that every player understands fully how Atlas works?

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What you’re saying is irrelevant because if you’re able to get the prim buff within the first day, which brand new players or incompetent players wouldn’t be able to do, you would know your stats perfectly and how to check them.


Not blaming the players, I’m blaming pg for not being able to fix this after 2 months.


Actually what you are saying is irrelevant as there are many people that don’t want to ask questions and go for a prize without actually knowing it was does, so I am not sure why some feel they need to try and make someone look stupid for their comment.

Happy to know you are of such intelligence that you seem to think everyone else is as smart as you.

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If anyone has seen someone with an inaccurate buff, please send a ticket in (or shoot me a PM), and we will take a look.


Unfortunately , they aren’t :woman_shrugging:t2: But they should be.

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If my point is about people who HAVE the 50% prim buff meaning they claimed the line fairly quickly, then it’s irrelevant to anyone who doesn’t know how to/didn’t do it🤦‍♂️

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Sent :man_shrugging:

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