Increase chest drops on islands

Nobody wants to grind these islands for low points…but there isn’t much choice.

At least up the drop rate on chests to make it bearable. As of now (because even the top island is way too low level) I get a drop rate of virtually ZERO chests for event. Not much I can do. If I could select a harder target I would.



I feel like the drop rate got better the 2nd half of the event… even got a couple gold chests… dunno why… hope you get a bunch more!

I believe he’s talking about chest drops (or lack thereof) on gustav islands.

Yeah… it got better for me there… i dunno why… just seems like there have been more lately.

PG makes sure that nobody can farm like tens and thousands of bronze chests , especially for those who has lvl 1 ember. Im thinking maybe 10k bronze can get you a mythic divine dragon without spending.

That’s both not true and not relevant. Farmchests and pgkissmyass are bountiful chest bases, which can be accomplished with any dragon with death gaze.
The issue here is that for people who are over the invader gustav level are basically forfitting 100s of chests bc the chest drop chance is so small when attacking a lower level base.
OP is suggesting the level gap chest drop coding be suspended when hitting in the event.


That’s exactly what I’m suggesting. Thanks. :+1:

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I 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th that motion. The motion carries, chest drops occur on Gustav bases going forward no matter the attacking players level disparity.

And that holds as much weight as wet toilet paper…


I was contemplating starting a similar thread. Thanks for beating me to it! I’m 100% behind this.
It really sucks to be stuck with no choice but to hit those low level bases and get punished with no chests…


Oh look! Another Team Gauntlet same suggestions. I predict these will be ignored also :laughing:


Somebody posted their stream notes in another thread. They’re keeping Gauntlet around cause it ain’t broke and is stable.

Loosely translated, I think that means it is a money maker.

I doubt they change anything about it because it would then become unstable.

So yeah, all ideas, instaignored.

Yup, it’s a good working cash cow that didn’t get an update for ages.

There are lvl600+ players in the game now and we are still running a lvl130 PvE base that drops nothing and PG wonders why players think the game is getting stale. :man_facepalming:

Definitely need to increase the PVE islands defence strength.
Why not have 5 options to attack on each island. Or 3? They get progressively higher so gustav might be the option of level 100, 200, 300 or whatever and the islands further back maybe level 50, 100, 150 for example. All scaled a bit somehow and different points of course.
It got a bit tedious flying 1 hit tower kills for 4 days and I’m only level 108 :unamused:

Wasn’t this the last event for gauntlet? I doubt they will fix anything.


Nope, Gaunlet will stay.

It‘s ToW (CtF), KotH and CtW that will go.

But you‘re right, I doubt they will change anything and risk measing up their good old cash cow.


I got very low chest drops, and I am only level 77. Super attacks usually got zero chests. I got about 40-50 chests for the entire event. And I got over 37k points.

Oh yeah, it said “would remain for now” since it was stable

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Can’t say I didn’t try right? :man_shrugging:

Or maybe the level should decrease and increase correspondingly to the attacker’s level. XP that is an pve event, a fair fight seems nicer on the paper, so that even the lowbies will have a chance to do better in that particular event.

Pvp event, on the other hand, i wont want that as highbies definitely have put resources, either time or money -probably both-, into the game. Much more compared to that of lowbies could have. X)

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