Increase Gold Transfer Amount

The amount of food, lumber and gold you can transfer to a teammate is the same until level 175 for some silly reason. The amount of gold you can send still goes up a tiny bit until lvl 186 until it stops, while food and lumber transfer rates keep increasing at the normal rate. Why? At higher levels this gets way out of whack.

This is my max transfer rate of each resource at level 420. It took me 2 and a half hours to transfer enough gold to my teammate for her to level her primarch. My suggestion is simply that the max gold transfer amount needs to increment at least at the same rate as food and lumber, if not more so given the costs of leveling primarchs.


No clue why it wasn’t constructed the same way for all resources from the beginning. Meanwhile we can transfer to the banks totally equal amount of gold and wood/food, even more gold, why not to the teammates :question:


Since some people like polls…

Increasing the gold transfer amount is:

  • A Great Idea
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Why :eyes: amount is based on f2p player stats not elites . It should stay like that .

Should include “the most greatest idea” in poll.

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I am kidding I voted greatest idea too :joy::joy:

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on a side note … why is the order of rss to ship different on the two screens.

Regular game is gold top, wood middle, and food bottom.

In atlas it’s food top, gold middle, and wood bottom.



lol I never even noticed that.

Umm maybe they realised that vip players have a heart of gold, wooden stake aimed at it, and… Nope not gonna continue the last one.
In the second case, full on buffet happening, aqua regia in stomach (OUCH!), and… Nope not gonna continue this last one either. Very painful one this is.

I’m unclear what transfer amounts, which are dictated by storage space, have to do with f2p player stats (and not all f2p have same stats?), nor why this should dictate it doesn’t change. Maybe I’m missing a joke lol?


I thought they were being sarcastic … maybe I read it wrong.

Someone is a silly goose.

For the same reason why we have two different base defense numbers on different screens.

For the same reason we have a different total kill number in leader-boards compared to contribution tabs.

For the same reason monthly kills don’t get reset to 0 at the start of every month.

Consistency is not a priority for PG.


stop using logic … I can’t handle all this rational thought … I’m sorry, my brain is not able to handle it


Thank you! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I can’t read. It’s not allowed on my team :pensive:


oh now makes sense why some of u guys look drunk :stuck_out_tongue:

@PGGalileo Thoughts on this?

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You forgot a third option

If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t need to vote. So…

Brick wall!
Shaq attack!
Girl, you need a tic-tac.
No–I take that back,