Increase returning time when accidentally exit WD

Not sure if this was being discussed.

Sometimes when we’re attacking one base, a notification (messages) appears on the phone and we accidentally clicked on it (due to attacking especially with hunters). The whole game is considered defeated/invalid even if I’ve tried to go back immediately. It’s pretty annoying and frustrating especially during pvp.

Is it possible for PG to maybe increase the time (if you go back within 3 sec?), you can still continue the battle instead of restarting the whole game?


I almost never exit accidentally on hunter. Mostly sorcerer :sweat_smile:.
It will be a nice feature to have. However, I’m afraid that it will create another security hole…

An alternate option is putting the dragon on auto-pilot mode, perhaps…

This is one of the most annoying things ever !!! I’ve stopped most of my notifications because of that :frowning:

Man I hate when that happens. I always activate Do Not Disturb when I’m playing so I don’t mistap on a notification but that’s not going to work for everyone I’m guessing lol. I agree that a little buffer of three seconds or so would be beneficial but I genuinely have no idea how that kind of thing works. :t_rex:


Unfortunately I think it will be too complicated to implement :frowning:

How do you put the dragons on auto pilot mode?

Er… I mentioned it as an alternate suggestion…
Probably gives the dragon some AI, which is activated once the player is disconnected…

hunter attack is tapping, which cause to exit the game while sorcerer is swipe and only tap to use spell, shouldnt it exit on hunter more? (unless you use sorcerer in major of time)

It actually happened a lot with sorcerer’s but not with notifications. It was the soft buttons :sweat_smile: swiping like crazy lmao


@PGCrisis This would be great. It actually used to work this way. I used to be able to answer a phone call and then double click and switch back to a run but now if I try that it has ended the attack. Would be nice if I accidentally click on a text if I immediately swipe back into the game if it would keep going on the attack. Just give us a little 2-3 second grace period or something like we used to have.
So frustrating. I have most notifications turned off but you still have to be able to get calls and texts from boss and immediate family if you’re going to be in-game for a long time.

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Correcting this issue would be huge. It is incredibly frustrating to be flying a PVP multiplier run only to have a SMS/Slack pop-up interfere, forcing you to change apps and you lose. All the other network connection delays and what not with WD there must be some way to add a buffer here.

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Would love this idea! Or maybe just pause the game for a few seconds!

I’ve probBly done this a hundred times!
Multipliers & RSS runs not so bad because it doesn’t waste your multiplier.

But event run it can be a mega or super & you just lost a ton of points.
On Apple devices if flying Hunters and on a Long Island if your firing way ahead it’s almost impossible not to click on a text that is coming through :rage:

seems like it wouldn’t be fair for defenders and potential for further exploitation.

Do not disturb is the answer in my opinion or go on airplane mode with just wifi while playing


They could even just use the irritating “attacker has slow network” thing to implement this, defenders and backup get lumped with that all the time anyway lol


On iOs, when I am playing and receive a call, I can answer, double press the home button, select WD from my active apps, and keep on going. The attack continues as the dragon just coasts, so if I am not quick my dragon dies…

I think this would be the way it should be for all game interruptions under a certain duration… the attack continues but the dragon does nothing (except maybe die) until you return. If you have not returned by the time the dragon dies, the attack get’s cancelled (like a normal interruption does now, but with the aforementioned buffer instead of insta-cancel).


[Android] Fixed a crash that would occur when the application was backgrounded.

I was really hoping this is what the Android backgrounding crash fix in 4.30 does. My problem isn’t notifications as much as accidental swipes into a button or fingerprint sensor. There is no recovery; the game always restarts from scratch AFAICT. Downloading assets… very… slowly…

Exactly what I’m doing, otherwise the notifications just get in the way.

This seems to be the best way to prevent it.

I know! Ive done that too so many times its SO ANNOYIIINGGG​:angry::rage::triumph:

this is why i dont fly hunters! it would by great if PG made it an option to turn off notifications when we are in battle. maybe i should post that suggestion…

turn them off on your device or individual applications. What’s the difference? I don’t want apps turning off my notifications.

Put your device in Airplane mode (not the cheat but the state) and enable wifi. This will stop calls and texts but not line, FB and others.

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