Increase returning time when accidentally exit WD



i like to have notifications. they are important to me. i need to know when my family is texting me, or when somebody is trying to reach me. it is a hassle to turn notifications on and off just to play war dragons for a bit. plus, i might forget to turn them on again and i will miss something important.

the turning device into airplane mode will work when i am at home, but not anywhere else.


@GhostsOfSteel I agree with you. The other problem I have is that I tend to be in game for loooong periods of time. Like, hours. (Ok, I have issues, I know)
And I play on a phone, not an iPad. So even though I have Line notifications disabled, I still need to be able to get texts and calls from immediate family for emergencies. I can’t just go out of touch for hours at a time so I can play a game…
If you answer a call or accidentally click on a text, there needs to be a way to go right back into the game without killing the attack. I know it’s possible because I used to be able to do it. I’m on iOS.


yes. i would like notifications while i am playing the game, but not when i am in a battle. i wish there was a way that war dragons would block notification in battle, but then you would get the notifications after you had finished the battle. i cant use hunter dragons and using spells makes me nervous sometimes because i am worried i will tap a notification and my run will be ruined.


I do not have the luxury of going into airplane mode during the day. Business, children, other responsibilites may come up and saying “sorry I missed your call, I was busy flying dragons around” is not a valid excuse in grown-up land.


well if you want PG to stop notifications like suggested earlier then you won’t get notifications from your family either.

I don’t turn mine off most of the time, I’ve just gotten proficient at swiping them away.

Only time I do is when the missus tries to aggravate me by sending many one letter texts while I’m flying just to mess with me. Might have something to do with me not paying enough attention to Dancing with the Stars or other drivel…



well, i just dont when notifications when i am actively flying. notifications are ok when im just chilling in my base. if PG could make it so all the notifications i recieved during a battle popped up after i have finished, that would be ideal.

and my mom loves dancing with the starts lol. maybe they should meet up…


Okay, not sure I really want them mucking around that deep into my phone but if they make it an opt out option I wouldn’t care. I’m sure it won’t cause more stability issues or other “undocumented features”.



Migraine today so not reading whole feed. If this hasn’t been mentioned, iOS let’s you disable swiping in areas where gestures are used which helps with sorcerers (where your issue happens the most). It’s under General/Accessibility/Guided Access I believe.


that is actually super helpful. i will try fiddling around with that tomorrow.


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