Increased Castle and Incubator requirements for Obsidian. WTH

It seems since the new tier of dragons was introduced, the requirements for Obsidian dragon breeding has increased. I already have Noctua and Lumina, both breed with level 10 buildings in the past & this breeding event I was asked to upgrade to level 11. It cost me 12 days to finish my ongoing upgrade and around 105 days worth of timers to do the two upgrades. I zeroed out on timers and this will have a huge effect come fortification event.

This change is completely unfair and unnecessary! Can I get my timers back?

I agree that this was an underhanded move.

People complained when it happened and were met with silence. Changing requirements after the fact, especially for people partially through a tier, seems like a poor choice.

Nothing was done for others who complained when it happened (unannounced).

Maybe a ticket will get you something…


It was changed last breed only not this and this isn’t new :man_shrugging:t2::joy:

@dakhunter left the game because of this.


Just FYI I opened a ticket and Pg gives zero shits about players being screwed over this for 2-3 events forward.

They now call the previous level 10 requirement which was valid for close to a year a “BUG”, because it suits them. Go figure :triumph::man_shrugging:t2: Typical PG move…

This was changed in January.

I agree it was underhanded, but it would seem you’re little late to the party here.

Sorry… They didn’t undo it, even for people who already had multiple obsidians. Some had mostly completed eggs they could not finish.

Sly move, and not very fair to players in that position, but it’s long done now. :man_shrugging:

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