Increased Cost of Packs


Can you (the developers) vary the cost of packs to individual players?


You’re joking, yes?


Terrible idea. The community will find out and will be absolutely angry. Imagine being someone who gets a higher price


Problem is they’re already giving lower cost packs to some people, so I AM someone who gets the higher price already, you probably are too


Are you talking about USD or non-US currency? If so, Apple does a massive price hike on VAT and foreign exchange. @Warlord has also pointed out other oddities with this before, content-wise potentially?


Correct. Apple charges a fantasy tax to Europe ending up that we pay $125 for the big pack which is in the USA available for $99. Google seems to not pay this fantasy unicorn tax for some reason… and yeah I work in corporate finance in a broader sense lol and have a pretty solid understand of cross border taxes, hence I call them fantasy taxes.

Result is that some get 25% less for their money. Content wise.

Maybe the average European is 25% richer than an average American? :man_shrugging:t2:


Don’t vary the cost of packs across players. Vastly decrease the cost of packs for everyone, and the currently non-spending players might actually buy some. I am constantly ASTONISHED that anyone buys the so-called “value packs”. If they offered the contents of the $100 pack for $5 then I might occasionally buy one. I honestly think that anyone who pays the current prices clinically insane.


Oh, this is what I was thinking of - not sure if they were different pack types, though?




Ah content wise that’s also true.

US packs > European pack

For whatever reason


In their efforts to further monetise this game through discriminatory pricing, they further alienate the player base. Par for the course really.


Who ever makes these decisions to differentiate these similar packs across the player base… simply needs fired… no ifs, ands, or buts…

This was my first decision to stop spending when this all came out the other day…

Not going to 2 different wal marts and paying more for one product at one store then the other… I’ll go to target instead lol… but then again, Walmart has price match… soo… they still one upping PG on the business sense… we need price match damnit! :joy:


Google matches in every country, i pay 95 swiss france thats about 98 dollar.


Yeah I was super pissed when it happened.


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