Increased sigil drops from chests?

Greetings, I started playing WD about a year ago and took a break over last summer and part of fall seasons. I recall they had a super sigil weekend where they increased the drop rate and amount of sigils from gold chests and maybe bronze(?) in the 16-17 winter season . Guess my question is was that replaced with the super sigil chests now available? I did try the search function but didn’t really answer what I was looking for. Thank you for your time and info. Good flying all


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You are correct. Instead of increasing the drop rate in gold chests like they used to, they designed a separate ruby only chest that contained only sigils which is the super sigils chests you now see.

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I think you mean contain only sigils :laughing:


Ah you didn’t catch the elusive 2000 ruby chests for the low low cost of 5000 rubies the other day?



I bought 10.

And then realized it was a bad deal. :frowning:

The 75% Off threw me.


Thank you for the info :+1::+1:

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